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1972 Film

In 1972 a film was made in and around Abertiller .
My daughter took part in the film as a small child.
A number of other local people also took small parts.
The film was called (the other side of the underneath)
Now available from
Fore 14.99  .
Some locations in the film.
The inside of the hospital is the old South Wales Inn Cwmtillery
The Round House Nantyglow
The coal level is in Sofrydd  or  Hafod-yr-ynys.

I remember the filming and I know someone who was also in the film.  Some people mixed it up with Arabesque we had quite a discussion about it on the old forum they were regular members of the old message board but could not say if they are registered with this one

Apparently I watched the filming of abaresque....from my pushchair outside my nans in swffryd.... Cool

the other side of the underneath

I'm just wondering if anyone has watched the DVD and what you think of the film. Some of the reviews I've read are a bit damning I'm sure it's not easy viewing.
My mother had the job of typing for the director Jane Arden during the filming in Abertillery and I remember her shutting herself in the bedroom while she played the audiotapes because the content was not suitable for our ears.

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