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35 years...

...of waiting could be over tonight. Watching Cardiff City and waiting for them  to get promoted to the top tier of football that is. It's been an interesting decade or so, not all of it enjoyable and the rebranding has taken the edge off the pleasure I'll admit.

Still, we're not there yet and even if we do go up tonight, I'd want us to win the title after being top since November, so I guess I won't need to cut my nails for a while yet  Laughing

It will also be a night of mixed emotions because of the friends who are no longer around and won't see us complete the journey, especially my mate Gareth. If it does happen tonight, I'll definitely be sparing them more than a fleeting thought.

For those who like you have kept the faith Martyn ( Martyn, Dodd and Sheeny spring to mind) I'm really pleased.

I'm also pleased that a lot of new fans have found 'the faith'.

City have had a few owners that recognised the extraordinary fanbase and just tapped into it. It's very pleasing to me that a group who actually put money into the club have realised a substantial gain on their investment.

Now spend wisely (Ryan Giggs????) and follow Swansea's example.

Eat your hearts out, Hamman and Ridsdale.

....and relax  Laughing  

Actually no time for that - onto Burnley on Saturday and - hopefully - the title. I can't wait  Very Happy

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