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Eddie legge

Advice Please

Martyn 142 could you please give me advice on use of home computer
Recent trouble with broadband, blue light going on and off engineer called and found fault with telephone wiring all ok now
For the past three years power knocked off every night, Should I have kept broadband router on

Eddie Legge

Eddie - I'm not sure what problem you have been having but it won't make any difference if you leave the router on or off, except (marginnaly) to your electricity bill  Very Happy It certainly won't have done any damage to your phone line if that is what you meant.

If you do have trouble with broadband then switching the router off and on is a good first step however.

Best wishes

Eddie legge

Thanks Martyn

Martyn sorry for not explaining correctly  Problem with computor was wireing
Advice given when problem was corrected keep router on at all times
When the Router has been switched off it sends
the wrong message back to its base

Eddie problem Legge

Well some people claim that, if you switch off your router at night, this will look like the connection is unstable and BT might reduce the connection speed. I haven't seen any evidence for this though and personally I leave mine on all the time, although as i said, if it seems very slow or i have any other problems with my broadband I restart the router.

You will spend a little bit more on electricity Eddie, but very little, so maybe just leave it on and see?
john gibbs

you don't think it's a ghost of someone who rhymes with flocke do you?  Shocked

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