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Ian Jones

Alun Davies Says.

My priority now is to also see a new station in Abertillery and new services to the town as a part of a development plan that will see more frequent and faster services making this an integral part of the new South Wales Metro system"

Mr Davies has been asked on his facebook page if he will set the wheels in motion to buy the parcel of land that is owned by Tesco in Abertillery as it is paramount for this to happen to build the station and car park.
Lets hope this isn't just another empty promise made to gain votes in the upcoming elections, we have already been duped once by Nick Smith.

This is confusing.

Alun Davies is currently trying to hijack the long-running campaign that has been conducted by the people of the town to get the promised station built. Granted he says this must wait until the line is electrified first (no idea why he says this but he's told me to my face). So, presumably he thinks there is still work to do to make sure we actually get the station, or there wouldn't be much point campaigning for it would there?

Meanwhile, Carwyn Jones told a friend of mine who bumped into him that work has already commenced on the Abertillery project.

One of them is obviously not telling the truth. Or more likely both of them.

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