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Eddie legge

Andrew wins Trbunal

Argus Thursday March 22, 2012
Blind ex-soldier Andrew Bull won his case
for unfair dismissal and disability discrimination
against Blaenau Gwent council
Eddie Legge

And how, pray is this news appropriate for the political side of this forum?

No chance of having the full article I suppose, so we can make our own minds up?
Eddie legge

Local news a must

Just a small section of  The Argus report about Ex - soldier
was 'treated inhumanely' by council  
Andrew Bull lost his sight while serving with the
Royal Regiment of Wales in Ireland 1980
After a medical discharge Mr Bull was employed by
Blaenau Gwent  council as a switch board operator
in 1985
After being made redundant with immediate efect in September
2010 father- of -four Mr Bull took the council to an employment
tribunal, held last June
Go out and buy the Argus Councilor and read for yourself
I do believe this report to be of a politcal nature
Eddie Legge

Blind ex-soldier’s payout for council ‘harassment’

AN ex-soldier who was blinded by an IRA bomb while on active service in Northern Ireland will receive substantial compensation after an employment tribunal decided he had been harassed, victimised and made redundant because he was disabled.

Andrew Bull, 48, of Rassau Road, Ebbw Vale, lost the sight of both his eyes as a bomb exploded in Falls Road, Belfast, while he was part of a four-man team from the Royal Regiment of Wales escorting police officers. Following the incident in November 1983, he attended a rehabilitation programme and two years later was given a job as a telephonist by Blaenau Gwent council.

Mr Bull worked for the council for 25 years, but in 2010 he was made redundant. An employment tribunal hearing in Cardiff upheld his claim that he was harassed, victimised and discriminated against because of his disability.

The tribunal heard evidence that after a strike which took place in 2008 while Mr Bull was off work sick, unpleasant remarks were made to him by colleagues. His immediate line manager in the estates department, Andrew Offers, asked him whether he would be donating his two days’ pay to charity, while in Mr Bull’s hearing the council’s estates manager Ron Taylor said during a discussion with other workers, “Don’t worry, people only go on the sick.”

When Mr Bull challenged him, Mr Taylor walked away, muttering “Just go on the sick again”.

Mr Bull took out a grievance, but the matter was not properly investigated by the council.

Because of Mr Bull’s disability, officers had been in the habit of telling him when they were going out of the office. Some of them stopped doing so and ceased communicating with him.

Eventually, Mr Bull was made redundant without proper consideration being given to how he could be re-deployed after an office reorganisation.

The tribunal judgement said: “The claim of harassment relies on the behaviour of Mr Offers and Mr Taylor. It is clear that the conduct towards the claimant was unwanted. This relates to both aspects of the behaviour – the active comments and failure to communicate with the claimant.”

The tribunal concluded that Mr Bull’s claims of harassment and victimisation were well-founded, as was his claim that he had been discriminated against because of his disability.

Yesterday, the tribunal heard complex legal arguments about how the award to Mr Bull should be calculated.

Mr Bull’s brother Stephen read a statement to the tribunal on the ex-serviceman’s behalf which said: “I do feel anger against the IRA terrorists who caused my blindness and disability. However, despite my loss of sight, I was able to regain my independence and learn new employment skills with the support and specialist training from (the charity) Blind Veterans UK. The training I received plus the support from family and friends gave me the encouragement and confidence that I needed at that time to move forward with my life.

“Looking back I now know how fortunate I was to have survived such a terrorist explosion, unlike so many of my colleagues past and future who have paid the ultimate sacrifice of laying down their life.

“Despite losing my sight, I still counted my blessings. However, the long-term psychological damage that I have suffered as a direct result of my perceived inhumane treatment from Blaenau Gwent council and its senior management has been extremely damaging – especially the appalling manner in which they treated one of their disabled members of staff who they knew quite well as a local man who had lost his sight in the service of his country.”

Since being made redundant, Mr Bull has suffered from depression and doctors have assessed him as unfit to work for at least three years.

The hearing was adjourned until April 26 when Mr Bull will find out how much compensation he will receive. Last night a spokeswoman for Blaenau Gwent council said: “The council is not in a position to comment on the outcome of any individual cases.”

Read More

Rocke, would you have had the same level of sarcasm if another forum user had posted the same message in the same place?

Instead of just saying it shouldn't have happened to the bloke, who was disabled serving his country (which it shouldn't) you berate Eddie instead!!!!

No-one else did - or in my view would have - put it on here.

This is a matter of high public interest.
Why put it on that part of the forum that gets it less publicity?

'Eddie Legge' thought that putting it in the political section was the place, hence 'they' attempted to make a political thing of it.

I'm sailing very close to the wind here, but I know far more about prior events than very, very many.

I did not know that Andrew had - some time later - been made redundant however.

Most regrettably, because I am in essence (part of) Andrew's employer I cannot say any more.

However, wearing another hat of custodian of the public purse I will get some information, which equally regrettably I will not be able to share with you and which will be of no help whatsoever to him.

I can only try and ensure that this never happens again. The Council updated certain policies as a result of something that previously came to light, and I hope will do so in the light of this.

I cannot comment further because the council might be appealing for all I know. Regardless of that (and the outcome if it does) there's lessons to be learned.

What annoys me is that 'Eddie Legge' has made Andrew Bull a political weapon. The man is a giant in all senses of the word, and  intellectual pygmies like the 'Eddie Legge' brigade seek to use his misfortune for their own ends.

All 'they' had to do Son was post it as a factual report for 'General Discussion' but no - the Elections are looming.    

Note as well the  

Eddie Legge wrote:
Go out and buy the Argus Councilor and read for yourself
I do believe this report to be of a politcal nature
Eddie Legge

Do you see the word 'not' in there anywhere ?

And while we're at it let me digress a little.
'Eddie Legge' is happy to use former employees and their cases to get at 'the council' and councillors, but 'they' aren't too keen to tangle with me and my situation are they ?

Your views on what happened to Andrew would not have changed wherever this was published, and rightly so.
I'm the same, and I suspect that we are both of the same personal opinion.

My views on the Eddie Legges of this world ie. the many single brain cells behind the face, have sunk even lower.

Not one word of support for someone who deserves the utmost support. Instead regarded as a muckraking opportunity.

Will we now have the excuse of mis-posting, the 'I'm not computer literate and didn't know what I dun' manoeuvre?

Your question's a good one. Perhaps I'm overreacting. But if I am doesn't it say something about my expectations of this lot?

Is it wrong for Eddie to view his own post as political?

Why, if it is of such a high public importance, have you not re-posted it in the general forum? I bet you a penny to a pound it would have turned political inside of 2 replies.

I can't post it, or make any specific opinion because it could compromise any ongoing process. That's why codes of conduct are there for Councillors.

I can only repeat that I think it's absolutely dreadful for 'Eddie Legge' ( who you'll note has not entered the fray in this, possibly happy that I'm locked in a debate with what I term an ordinary ie. reasonable, neutral, no axe to grind, member of the public ) to use this politically.

Can I ask you to consider this - what if BGCBC appealed and won its case ?

I will however add one very personal view, and that is that I'm extremely annoyed ( although frustrated is more apt I believe 'annoyed' better reflects my feelings ) that Andrew has had to resort to a tribunal.

BLAENAU Gwent council apologised to a former employee after a tribunal ruled he was unfairly sacked and discriminated against because of his disability.

The Argus reported yesterday how former soldier Andrew Bull won an employment tribunal case against the council.

Mr Bull, who was blinded by an explosion while serving in Northern Ireland, took his former employers to an employment tribunal which was held last June.

Mr Bull, from Ebbw Vale, claimed he was victimised while working at a call centre in Abertillery for the council and was made redundant with immediate effect in September 2010. Blaenau Gwent council’s chief executive David Waggett said: “Following the findings of the tribunal that the council did not do enough to support Mr Bull, I wish to personally apologise to him for this.

“The council has a strong track record of supporting people with disabilities. It is therefore very disappointing and a matter of great regret, that in this instance, our efforts let down this longserving member of staff.”

The employment tribunal at Cardiff County Court on Tuesday ruled Mr Bull’s claim of unfair dismissal was well-founded as were his claims of disability discrimination based upon a failure to make reasonable adjustments, disability discrimination based upon direct disability discrimination, disability-related discrimination and disability discrimination based on harassment and victimisation.

Mr Waggett said the council has learned lessons.

He said: “I would like to assure Mr Bull that I am determined that the work outlined under our new Strategic Equalities Plan will help prevent this type of isolated incident happening again in Blaenau Gwent council.”

He said the council has been working on developing its approach to equalities before the outcome of the tribunal and in response to legal duties.

Of course this is the Argus and as Rocke says everything they print is lies (apart from Rocke`s letters obviously). But it doesnt sound like an appeal to me.

Where the Argus (or any other paper) makes direct quotes they can't be lies, so let's get that straight, and where in either of the articles it's published has there been any subjectivity?
It's all factual reporting.

Is that how I come across - anti-everything Legge and anti-all Argus?

I very much welcome the Chief Exec's statement - all of it, not simply the apology.

It certainly looks as if there's no appeal, but I - or any other councillor - cannot comment on the detail. We are in effect (together) his employer.

What can be done is for us as councillors to:

* ascertain what has been put in place to ensure this type of event doesn't happen again;
* given those measures a good looking at to ensure that they will  do what they are intended;
* ask that the Chief Exec in his role of head of the paid service   investigate to see if officers have at any point behaved   inappropriately and, if so, consider if there is action (such as   arranging training, anti-discriminatory courses or whatever) that should be taken.

I'll certainly be discussing the matter (not the case) with relevant people.

Interesting isn't it ?
All everyone seems to be doing is highlight it, drag the council through it.


More focussed upon kicking the council than protecting its employees and our citizens.

I'd understand a mixed - and hence balanced - approach, but no.

That's why I regard it as bolitical.

My intention is to enquire if it is possible for me to have a written response to some questions, an informative response that I can post on here.

Anybody actually interested in how the council is going to obviate this happening again?

My my what a rant. If you cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Oh sorry you are as i understand it. You`ve lost the plot Rocke. You need a rest. I think Eddie has affected you more than you let on.

Not a rant at all.

Everything there says it all.
Not one person has posted the need to ensure it never happens again.

And just a few have tried to kick the council about ( though I accept that those posts might have echoed others' views).

And as for your highly subjective not standing the heat I don't need to.
Those who have asked me to stand and those who have asked to yet again sign my nomination papers as before means I'm cool.  

You David, have fallen foul of the way these amateurs work, to let me engage in argument and hence show themselves as non-confrontative.

You see, to properly fight for what one believes in, and on behalf of people who believe in one, quite a lot of the time one has to be a soldier, not a diplomat.

People deserve honesty and ramrod straight representatives.
The problem is that they're not used to it.

To be quite honest, i think the council deserve the kicking they are getting the same way any other person, company or public body would if they had acted in the same manner.

I would be curious to know what is happening with Mr. Offers & Mr. Taylor? A slapped wrist and a bit of extra training?

They wouldn't have a job if it were me at the helm!!!!!

Your not a soldier Rocke dont kid yourself. Your just a loose cannon. Loose cannons dont win wars disciplined soldiers do.

SonOfACynic wrote:
To be quite honest, i think the council deserve the kicking they are getting the same way any other person, company or public body would if they had acted in the same manner.

I would be curious to know what is happening with Mr. Offers & Mr. Taylor? A slapped wrist and a bit of extra training?

They wouldn't have a job if it were me at the helm!!!!!

I can't comment.

David wrote:
Your not a soldier Rocke dont kid yourself. Your just a loose cannon. Loose cannons dont win wars disciplined soldiers do.

In the respect that I don't conform to your idea of a politician is that David ?

And in that respect you're right.
In case you hadn't noticed this thread's about an accepted grave injustice done to someone, a former employee of the council.

And in case it's also gone over your head it was posted in the boliticial part of our forum.

And to state the blindingly obvious, only 1 of quite a few councillors who read and could contribute on here has tried to explain the restrictions and constrictions that councillors are subject to.

'Son of a Cynic' has expressed a view - is theirs a political one ?
No, it's common sense and probably what a lot of people should ask, yet no-one has, have they ?

One of the few times that 'Eddie Legge' could have made their membership of this forum useful they didn't. They tripped up and yet again showed their true colours. Defenders of the working class my backside !
Their prime directive is attack (or get others to attack) anything Labour isn't in charge or control of.

I repeat that Andew Bull deserves better than to be used as a bolitical football.

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