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Angela Humphries

Does anyone know of, and what happened to, Angela Humphries? She lived in Blaina but probably went to school in Abertillery in the 1950's. Joined the Civil Service and moved to London c.1957/8, became engaged and probably married Trevor ?? in 1961 - he was also from Blaina or Abbertillery.
She had a very good school friend who lived in Abbertillery which is why I believe she went to school there, but cannot recall the name.
I know this is not much to go on, but this is all the information I have.

Angela Humprhies

Hi Tomj
Angela was in the Grammar school in my class. She was from Blaina
and she did marry Trevor Wilde. son of Trevor Wilde who was well  known in the valley. The last I heard of Angela was a good few years ago they were back in Abertillery to celebrate Trevor Senior`s  Birthday and it was their Wedding Anniversary can`t remember which one but it was a real family occasion They were living in Bristol at this time and I know her husband was quite ill. Looking at the photo`s she didn`t look any older  but Time catches up with us all, I can`t help with her family  I know Mr Wilde died and Trevor died not long afterwards. I remember there were children
May be some one else on here has later knowledge than me Regards Dragon girl
Ps Try the Grammar school site for the  50`s  lots of photos on there!!

Hi dragongirl
The Trevor Wilde you mentioned - was he a poet/author?

Trevor Wilde

Hi Welsh Liz
Trevor Wilde Senior was a noted Author and poet  he lived above
Alma street In a big white house on the hill
Trevor who Angela married was his son in our class in school
I know they lived in Bristol and they came home to Trevor, Seniors 80th or 90th birthday party- big spread in the Gazette or South Wales Argus can remember seeing the pictures but I think Trevor the younger was very ill then
Tomj  said she was very friendly with someone from Abertillery a girl
he knew .I can remember  Vivian Protheroe,  Marilyn Bethell
Elvira Morgan .  there was a gang of them went around together
She probably had friends in Blaina because she lived there
Memory fades as the body ages !!!!
Take care


Thanks for the information Dragongirl. The name Vivian Protheroe rings a bell and I am 99% sure this is the friend I mentioned. In your reply to Welshlizmiles you say " Mr Wilde died and Trevor died not long afterwards" - are you referring in the second part to Angela's husband?
I found pictures and write up of Trevor senior's 90th birthday party from the Gwent Gazette, March 6 2003 - see
There is a photo of a small group therein, can you identify if Angela is one of the group, and which one?

Thank you again for your help

Angela Humphries

Trevor Wilde senior was awarded an MBE, should be information on line.


Hi Tomj
Glad to be of help , I know Trevor junior was diagnosed with a life 'threatening disease the same year as his father`s celebration
I think the family were afraid he wouldn`t make it.
On the photograph unless she`s altered out of all recognition  Angela is the  blonde  lady two across from her father in law and I think it might be Trevor stood behind her.!!!
Vivian lived in  Tillery St and I know her elder sister was Pat -t heir
Mum was knocked down and killed near their home. Don`t know where they went  to live afterwards

Angela Humphries

Hello Dragongirl (what a wonderful nome-de-plume). That confirms my own identification in the photo but as I had not seen her for more than 50 years, could not be sure.
I have searched the on-line Avon telephone directory without success, and although there are several Wides' listed, there are none with the initial A or T. I cannot visit Bristol to view the electoral role, so the trail has gone cold for the time being.
Can I ask you for a link to the Abbertilery Grammar School website? Despite many searches I have not been able to find one, so have not been able to view any of the '50s photos you mention. I had several photos of Angela, and Blaina, in the 1950's but they were sadly all lost.
If anyone else has any information on the whereabouts of Angela I would be most grateful if they could let me know.
Thank you once again

angela humphries

Hi again Tomj

My handle is to proclaim I`m Welsh though have lived away for 30yrs!!!
If you scroll down to memories you`ll find Abertillery Grammar schoo
site also the junior schools like queen street I nfants etc
Are you from Abertillery ? there`s also Blaina sites Nantyglo Grammar Gellicrug Bryngwyn  you can browse all day.
Take care, happy hunting I  will try and find out more about Angela
she could have come back home ,

Trevor Wilde Snr. also gave elocution lessons. My sister and I used to say we were going to electrocution lessons

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