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Another Crock of Fool's Gold

Latest news:

The first time I encountered Aberystwyth Al was at a meeting of Nantyglo Comp parents, just after it was announced that the council would be looking to close it.

He came in, sat at the front as if he were royalty, acted and spoke as if he was their saviour and filled them all full of false hope.

Labour in power down the bay mind you.

Of course he failed dismally. His mates in power endorsed the council's decision.

Then he was in the midst of a placard-waving rabble in the public gallery when the coucn il heard that the WAO could find no issue with his mates in the local Labour Party's stirring up regarding false allegations of the then Leader lying to everyone - the so-called 'heart attackgate'.

Oh then of course Jayne Sullivan, his main rival candidate for AM, wasn't local enough in his view.

Good luck to the parents then.
I hope their children get their bus.

Perhaps Cwmtillery's 3 (Labour) councillors will then enlist his help to get a bus for ex-Blaentillery pupils from Cwmtillery to Roseheyworth Millennium School.

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