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Hello all.
I had a few problems getting on here but sorted now.
Not sure if this is the place to ask but my son is looking for his first car and i was wundring if anyone can say some models to check out it needs to be small and low insure group.
He don't want to buy privat just some pointers on a make/model and it must be able to cope with the hills around here this is one of the hilliest towns i have lived in thnx all.

Hello  Very Happy

There are obviously a lot to choose from so I'd advise getting a copy of the Parker's Guide which you can get at any larger newsagents for about 5 (I think). It will give you loads of info on pretty much every model available including their insurance group, how much you would expect to pay, any common faults, etc

What I tend to do then is to log onto a car sales website and see what's available locally. I normally use Autotrader

where you can restrict your search to trade rather than private sales if you want, as well as the model, age, cost, etc you are after. When you see one that looks OK have a look in your Parkers guide to see if it's a good model and won't cost the earth to run and off you go.

Hope this helps  Very Happy


Thank you for your help Martyn he found it very useful he has narrowed it down to 3 diffrent cars. a vaxhall corsa a ford ka and a peugot if anyone has a prefrence for any of these he would like to know thanks A. N.
Ray Dix


Parkers have a website with lots of information there, including owners reviews.

I'm sure you will find it useful   Smile

All three are nice cars. If he sees a Corsa though I'd steer away if it looks as if it's been 'pimped up' as it is a favourite boy-racer car. That's not to put you off Corsas though as there are plenty of really good ones about.

My son and daughter has had the old style diesel Peugeot 206s (M Reg) over the last 6 years. Both were cheap to run and seemed to be very reliable. The spares for them are cheap too.

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