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Attlee Ave in the 50/60's

Hi anybody remember me. I (Roger Amos) lived at no.28 with my brother (Paul) and sister (Judy). We attended the cock and chick school when Jack Thomas was in charge.I ended up in Newbridge grammar school and commuted every day. We also belonged to 1stAbertillery scout troop and had some good memories of that. My Dad died in 1956 but we stayed in Abertillery until we all drifted off to other parts of the country. I now live in Norwich with my wife.
pent boy

attlee avenue

Hi Roger, my family lived in 53 attlee from new and I delivered morning papers to just about every house in the row.I can name most of the families from Hanneys and Morris at I believe 37/38? right up to Jeff Jones at 66 next to the ginny but for some unknown reason cant name many the other side apart from haywards,Lena ? and Bill and Kath Smith who worked on ralphs buses with me,Phill Easley,and I think it was Baintons at the start of the avenue.We were 4 boys, my youngest brother Andrew was the only one to attend cock and chick perhaps you would remember him as he wore a caliper on his leg having suffered from polio at 18 months. He would have been in that school from 55/62?

Attlee Ave

I remember you both. I lived at No 11, my father was Jeff Jones and there were 5 boys and 2 girls in the family. I went to Cock & Chick, as did most of the family. Jack Thomas was the headmaster for quite a few years, he lived about two doors away from my grandfather in Clynmawr Street.

Attlee avenue

Hi, my grandfather lives on Attlee avenue and have done since a child he also worked on the buses his name is Eric from number 59

Atlee Avenue in the 50/60's

Eric Preston.

Others with the surname Preston at that address,

Ernest E Preston
Ethel M Preston
Mary N Preston
Mary P Preston

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