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Bat and catty up the backs!

Do kids still play bat & catty up the back lanes? For the uninitiated, the bat was a stick a couple of feet long and the catty was a short piece of wood tapered at each end. It was placed in a hollow, hit on the end and as it jumped in the air, it was hit with the bat. Wherever it landed, the batter had to guess how many bat lengths it was back to the start. If he was correct he got a score equal to the bat length. If he was short he was out. It was out in gardens and the fielders could kick the catty back towards, the start while it was still in motion. If they caught the catty before it landed, that was also out. Simple, but with today's ipods, etc., do kids know what they are missing. Bring on the bat & catty Olympics!

Well thanks for that explanation ken! We used to play bat and catty up Cwmtillery but none of us ever seemed to know what the rules were, so we generally just used to try and hit it as far as possible.

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