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bilingual gas / electric extra cost

an energy company is going to charge welsh customers extra because they have to offer a bilingual service  surely the answer is for people who wish to have this service to opt-in to it by contacting the provider be it the energy people local council etc  not to be automatically sent 2x literature  im sure here very few if any would however we are welsh  how long before polish forms etc are to be offered by law

I'm not with the big six and have paperless billing on line which makes it a tad cheaper. Still appreciate your point mind.

As a Welsh speaker, I also do not wish to have bilingual forms. Welsh only please, I do not need or want them in the English language. However, all I have to do is skip the English bit, it doesn't take any time. Why can't you do the same with Welsh? It just words. And as for the question about Polish, Welsh is the native language of our country, we have two languages. Polish is an immigrant language and so obviously they will have to make do with English or Welsh (both are official in Wales, they can legally take their pick)

Second of all, there 7000 languages in the world, but just over 200 countries. What does that tell you? That most countries have more than two languages within their borders and provide for the speakers of the two. Canada, Spain, L.A in USA, India etc all have energy companies which provide literature in two languages.
Jim Nicholas

My father, born in Abertillery, was welsh speaking as a boy but during my boyhood the speaking of Welsh was actively discouraged and never heard in our schools. I regret that I cannot speak Welsh and welcome the efforts to retain the language BUT I recognise that all welsh speakers can understand English and that it is a nonsense that they have to have everything translated to Welsh.

The more Welsh speakers have to resort to English in their day-to-day lives, the less they will be likely to continue to be Welsh speakers.

I learned French for several years and really enjoyed it. In the end though I gave it up because I wasn't really getting the opportunity to use it except on holidays, so wasn't really progressing.

If you - not the people who've posted here obviously - don't like Welsh and don't want to see it flourish, then fine. If you do want to see it grow though, then you've got to give people the opportunity to speak it and read it as much as possible.

the point is that the company is incurring additional costs to provide a bilingual service which it then passes on to the customer making our bills higher to the extreme  what if all goods destined for sale in wales had to be bilingual eg kellogs would have exta cost for printing on its cornflake boxes they also would not absorb the cost it would also be passed to the customer by increasing the price of the product  i am in no way deriding the welsh language it is beautiful especially when sung  we need to save money  being bilingual is not a priority

Just to make the point again- There in our world over 7000 ( SEVEN THOUSAND) languages, that exist within only 200 countries. That means that the A. the vast majority of countries of our world have more than one language and B. the vast majority of the citizens of Earth are in fact MULTILINGUAL. Wales is one of those territories where more than language exists. I suggest that you get used to it.

I disagree with the ''extra cost'' thing for us having our bills in our chosen language. Why should I pay more for it in Cymraeg? Why should you pay more for it English? To me, energy companies are doing one of two things here; either threating to put prices up by complying with the law to scare people so that such a hoo-haa will occur that the law will be dropped ( which it won't, I can tell you that now) or they are using Welsh as an excuse to put prices up any way

As for ''translation'' all I want to do is live in Wales through the medium of Welsh, and take for granted what you do in English. I would never deny you your rights, so why argue against mine, just because I'm a ''minority''? Remember ''bilingual' means ''two languages'' not one

Also- If I may make two other points. Certain posters here need to look abroad and see the world a little more. In Canada and Ireland, private companies actually HAVE, by law to create cereals and other things with bilingual packaging. So Wales is in fact lacking. Secondly, the excuse of '' they can all speak English anyway'' has been tried for years, and is pathetic. Yes, I can use English, I can also use Spanish, but as a Welshman I want to use Welsh/ Cymraeg in Wales, as you wish to use your language.

No reply, I'll assume logic and morality won they day.
Ian Jones

This thread was started to discuss the possible/probable higher charges that could be made by gas/electric companies who do not already use bilingual forms but under new legislation they would have no option than to provide them, but now it seems to be turning in to an arguement for the Welsh language.
I think Mr Cantona is right to express concern on the original point, as there will obviously be cost's for companies setting up for the bilingual correspondence and i don't think he mentioned any objection to there being Welsh language bill's, he simple wanted everyone to have a choice if i am correct.
I would like Welsh to be kept alive although sadly i don't speak Welsh,  but as far as i am concerned i am as Welsh as any other Welshman irrespective of that.

Ian- the fact you said that you are just as Welsh as anyone even though you do not speak Welsh is an example of the paranoia  (and I'm not saying you are) around the language and why people oppose bilingualism. Of course you are just as Welsh, no one said you weren't, it would be absurd to suggest otherwise. People who don't speak Welsh often harbour very horrible and quite frankly nasty views towards the language, which have become a lot more recent as the language and Has become official and more visible in Welsh public life (only two years ago, despite it being 1500 years old and native to Wales). I’m not more Welsh than anyone; all I want is to live my life alongside you in my own language as you do yours. Simple.

Extra cost is laughable, absolute rubbish. I pay my gas and electricity bill the same as you, so why should I not have it in my chosen language? I wouldn't object to it in English for you. The biggest reason however as to why I think these companies need to wise up is because of the massive profits they make out of us every year, millions upon millions and so this '' we've got to charge English speakers more'' is a nonsense and just causes linguistic conflict were it shouldn't exist. Eon were very slimy and underhand in the Echo a few weeks ago, making out that ''they had been told by a whistle blower'' and that they ''were being forced'' (you can't force anything unless they resist in the first place). Welsh is an official language, as is English and the two should be treated equally.

I'm not an ''extemist'', ''zealot'' or ''obsessive'' I just want to to use the language in all spheres of life, as I do in work and socially.

my last post on this subject   i am not anti any of cym'123 views ect  for me it needs to take a damn good reason for any extra costs on a product  i see my idea of opting into a welsh form etc easy  then they would not print huge amounts only for the vast majority to not even be looked at and binned  even recycling them is still a drain on our resources  if they are not wanted its stupid to print them  if you care about our enviroment then you can not argue on that last point

Clearly, if the environment and paper usage is your argument, then linguistic minority rights and language revitalisation and maintenance are going to be out off your radar, with all due respect.

Environment- linguistic rights are more important, any way do you actuall think everyone keeps their bill whether in English/Welsh or the two !? My view, online is the way forward

Cost- the millions in profit and the fact I pay the same as you cancels it out

Middle ground- opt for them to be in one language or the other fair enough, if that were possible (which it isn't)

Last point- they will put the prices up regardless, they will use any scapegoat to blame it on, this time the prices rose at a convenient time when Welsh became an official language.

It is one of the costs of doing business in Wales and that`s that.  I`m quite sure Eon would rail against the price of health and safety measures if they could get away with it.

Energy companies (amongst others) will use any excuse to raise prices and profits; this is just the latest. Perhaps those who are complaining about customers supposedly having to pay up might like to ask why the shareholders shouldn`t bear any financial burden. Shareholding is about business risks as well as rewards.

cym'123  just a thought  why are you not posting in the welsh language  is it because most of us would not understand  Smile   only joking

Just had an email my electric's going down 2% next month, pity the gas is unchanged.

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