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Eddie legge

Camerons false tongue

A quote from Eddie Legge
Following the tragic death of the two unfortunate female police officers Cameron called it, “a shocking reminder of the debt we owe to those who put themselves in danger to keep us safe”.
He forgot to end his statement by saying, “however I will still be cutting police officers pay and am satisfied that since I came to power 6,000 police officers have lost their jobs”

Don't use this event to score political points Ed.

It's is hopefully below even the likes of you lot!!!!!!!!!!

Eddie - I appreciate that you think that anyone who is critical of Labour is a rampant Tory but in fact, now Rockey and AEW have disappeared, I don't think there is anyone who is going to disagree with your anti-Tory messages.

If it makes you feel better posting them then go ahead but you might be better off trying to find stories which cast Labour in a good light.

Good luck.  Laughing
Eddie legge

Just for starters Martyn
Welsh students better off now than their English neighbours
Free prescriptions Free hospital Parking
Free buss passes for the elderly and disabled in Wales
Council elections to labour national and local
Who tided up our beautiful valleys environment
Who but labour brought in minimum Wage deal then £5
Not forgetting Comprehensive education, Oh and while I am at it again what happened to Gordon Brown was similar to Churchill and Attlee success and contempt
All three suffered with the electorate’s time for a change
And to end another reminder Labours Clement Attlee was voted best prime minister ever
Eddie Legge


Eddie, we've been thorugh this before many times. I, and doubt anyone else, is denying Labour did many good things historically when it was a left-wing, socialist party. That is a distant memory now though.

I haven't got time to go through all your points now as I am off out for the day, but as a parting shot

"Welsh students better off now than their English neighbours" You're having a laugh I assume? It was your precious party which made them worse off in the first place!  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing
Ian Jones

Eddie, I am not anti Labour and I certainly don't like the Tories.
I have stated though that I would vote for a Government/Council if they were doing the best possible job for this Country/Borough/Town whatever their political persuasion so that said let us try for a short while to forget political parties.
You state as often as you can that the former council made mistakes and you criticise them for it, that is your prerogative as a voter and some of the points you made in the past may or may not  have been right.
But what of this Council (still forgetting political background) as a group of elected individuals would you criticise THEM for making mistakes?
There is a rumour, and it is just as I say a rumour going around the Town that the reason for digging up and relaying quite a few parts of the new paving is this.
Allegedly a decision in some way relating to the lighting was not made and at a later date there was a change of thought that brought about the digging up of the new paving.
The facts are that work had been carried out and all but completed on the paving yet it was dug back up for whatever reason costing no doubt Thousands of pounds.
Is this in your oppinion good practice good decision making?
I would think  anyone who is not politically motivated but has an interest in this Town would think this unacceptable given the amount of planning and time put in to this Project.
Let us see if you can give an unbiased reply to this please Eddie.
Eddie legge

Nye Bevan

Eddie Legge
Martyn how unforgetful of me please accept
my apology another labour hero I forgot to mention
Our very own Nye Bevan voted greatest
Welsh man ever

Well there's your answer Ian,or should I say non answer.To do so he would have to be critical of his beloved Labour Party.The Eddies would never do that,all they can do is harp back to heroes of old,as Martyn quite rightly pointed out that's when they actually were a socialist party.Nowadays thanks to a certain red headed gentleman from a neighbouring constituency they follow the middle ground.The Tory party destroyed most of the socialist ideals during the Thatcher years,New Labour under Blair did nothing at all to redress the balance,their policies almost mirroring the previous Tory ones.The current leader's performance to date against the hard line right wing slash and burn tactics of the current Government in my opinion has been nothing short of pathetic.He can't seem to make a stand on any principle,just flits from one position to the next.

Seeing as the Eddies like quotes 'None so blind as those who will not see' unless Labour wake up,when they do see it will be too late. Rolling Eyes

Re: Nye Bevan

Eddie legge wrote:
Eddie Legge
Martyn how unforgetful of me please accept
my apology another labour hero I forgot to mention
Our very own Nye Bevan voted greatest
Welsh man ever

Who died in 1960 Eddie. Which is 52 years ago.
Eddie legge

You can do better than that Martyn

The man Nye beat into second place has been
dead these past 600 years Owain Glyndwr
Abertillery George Dagger about 62 years
Ian Jones

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Former Labour leader Neil Kinnock, himself named in the poll, had, during the voting, drawn attention to a Welsh nationalist "plot" to have Owain Glyndŵr at number one in place of the eventual winner, Aneurin Bevan.[2] Robin Gwyn, at the time Communications Director of the National Museum of Wales, had controversially urged Welsh language contacts, by e-mail, to vote for Glyndŵr,[3] and was obliged to apologise.

In August 2004 a former employee of Culturenet Cymru alleged that the poll had been rigged to avoid accusations of "dumbing-down", and to ensure that Owain Glyndŵr (a Welsh nationalist hero) did not receive more votes than Aneurin Bevan (a Labour Party hero).[4] Peter Black, Liberal Democrat AM for South Wales West, subsequently called on the Welsh Assembly Government to inquire into whether the poll had been conducted properly and whether the financial support supplied by the WAG should be refunded.[5]

Not as clear cut as it seemed though Ed!!

Fred Flintstone was born around 1,000,000 B.C. long before Owain Glyndŵr and Fred didn't make the big time till the 1960's Ed and he's more popular than all of them (not sure of his political preference's though)   Laughing

Eddie , your posts get ever more bizarre.

I suggested you post some pro-Labour stuff instead of flogging the dead horse that is the Tory party.

You come back with a (great) Labour politician who hasn't been around for over 50 years. I point this out. You respond by referring to another Welsh great who died well over 650 years ago and who, so far as am aware, was not a Labour Party member.

I don't suppose there is any chance you could post something with some relevance to the discussion is there?

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