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Can I just say....

Can I just say.... As some people on here may be aware, we (myself and my family at the restaurant) have only just moved to Abertillery and we couldn't have ever met such a nice bunch! The people are so warm and welcoming and the people we have had dealings with so far have been so so helpful and friendly Smile..... The scenery is just gorgeous too.... We had a bad night in the restaurant on Friday whilst cleaning, it was so so bad and needed a real deep clean which threw up a couple of really serious problems and we wouldn't have managed without our landlord, painter and a really nice bloke from the garage opposit who came over to help a damsel in distress..... I went to sleep that night really stressed and woke the next morning to beautiful views.....
Abertillery beautiful town, lovely people, thank you for your warm welcome xxx

Glad to know we can do something right Kylie  Laughing Good luck on the big opening. See you soon.  Very Happy

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