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Car Parks 'Closed for reconstruction'

Signs on what's left of the (former) multi-story on High St.

Apparently it closes on 28th April for reconstruction (about 8-10 weeks after it was 'destructed').

While we're at it, Jubilee Sq, opened by HRH Marines-toohard, remains locked and unavailable to the public (who of course paid for it out of their taxes and levies to the EU).

And while we're at that, Alma St/Foundry Bridge is now halfway through the 30 week period we were told that the destruction/reconstruction of the 2-yr-old parapet would take.

Chatter is the "ARENA", Carmel St. is to become another carpark . How many do we need? Without affecting safety, parking restrictions could be relaxed, horse and carts have been replaced by SUV'S & 4X4'S. "WAY OF THE WORLD." Not only this small part of it!


It is. I've mentioned elsewhere that residents close to it have had letters for the council informing them that if acquired 'the Arena' will be demolished to make another car park.

It's Regeneration, which Cllr. Graham Bartlett, as BG's Executive Member holding that Portfolio is responsible for.
That's the same Graham Bartlett, latterly Town Clerk to Abertillery & Llanhilleth Community Council, which is er..... a statutory consultee with regard to Planning etc matters within its boundary.

I haven't seen an item on any 'town council' agenda that informs and allows that council to discuss the proposals. (Strangely, similar to the non-information and non-discussion re. plans to move the War Memorial).

I'm sure that (Cllr) Bartlett, as the Section 151 Officer to the 'town council' would ensure that democratically-elected representatives of it would be able to have their say.
After all, it's what he's paid for.

Why is Jubilee Sq locked, if the public can not use it what purpose is it for?

WILLIAM wrote:
Why is Jubilee Sq locked, if the public can not use it what purpose is it for?

Oops !
Shouldn't have gone there ( and I know no-one can ).

The Church (St Michael's/Fr Patrick/Diocesan Board) were concerned about vandalism etc and reserved the right to close it to the public IF problems occurred.

The publicly-funded grant to create it insists that it is available for use by the public at large (and implicit in this is that disabled access is provvided, since public funds are involved and it is a public place, being leased off 'the Church').

Obviously if it hasn't been open to the public then 'the Church' can have no evidence of 'vandalism', and in any case 'the Church' has to give 6 months notice to close access - it's a term of the lease, as relayed to Elected Members, of which I was one, some years ago.

I'm of the opinion that the terms of the grant that provided the funds for Jubilee Square have been breached.

Contact and ask them to investigate, William.

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