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Charity Night at Calcutta Victoria Sunday the 26th May

Dear Locals,
You might have heard about the factory buildings collapsed in Bangladesh. It was the most tragic incident in southeast Asia in recent history. 1127 people died, 600 missing and thousands are injured badly. They are the poor factory workers who used to produce garments for the people of Europe and America. It is our social responsibility to stand by them.
In order to help those victims Calcutta Victoria Indian Restaurant organising a charity night on Sunday the 26th May from 6pm to 11pm.
We are doing "All You Can Eat Buffet 9.95pp" half of the the sales proceeds will donate to the victims. There will be a voluntary donation box on the bar.
Please support the event and help the humanity.

Great idea Noman. See you there!

martyn142 wrote:
Great idea Noman. See you there!

Great support Martyn - we'll see you and Marilyn there !

Oh no, not ALL you can eat.
And there's no band down The Mersh, it being Bank Holiday weekend.

I do love a challenge (but hate the consequences).

A gallon of Chicken Jalfrezi here I come.

Great night Noman. Excellent food and good to see such a crowd in the CV.  Very Happy

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