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Chillies is dead, long live Calcutta Victoria

Firstly, thanks and regrets.

THANK YOU noman for bringing a restaurant to Aber and regrets that it didn't work out. Unfortunately it's economic reality up here in the Valleys, not enough income to warrant going out every week, and not enough people with that level of income to keep business at economic levels.
Hopefully you'll open in a more affluent part of the world and it will work out.

Next THANKS to kyliebewley (welcome to the forum btw) for the invitation to lunch on Weds.
I'm afraid that your ploy of plying me and Des ( it was him really) with bubbly and wine in order to convince us that your food was good was unnecessary. You could have saved a good few pounds.  
The food tasted good while I was sober, let alone after Des wearing the staff out ( is the carpet between our table and the bar worn out?).
The sample - I think it's called a 'tasting' - menu was good, even if it was FAR too unhot for me ( I just knew the Jalfrezi, Madras etc. wouldn't be there...... ).
The naan was fabulous.

Food is very much a personal thing, so I'm not going to tell people it's great, it's not for me or whatever.
I don't know what a chicken masala is supposed to taste like, but I do know I liked all I tasted, and that says something !
( and the other 3 agreed with me, which IS something ).

I've had a copy of the menu and (in view of what I said to noman above) I'd say that a meal for Ruth and I, including a couple of drinks each, would probably be 8-10 less than the equivalent 'Chillies'.

I think the buffet style ( a la Tiffins in Cwmbran I assume? ) will prove to be a winner and the definite ( surely ) is curry and a pint on a Sunday.
Watch the match, pop up for a Curry and Pint then out on the town - good idea (all 3).

Ruth and I have something on this weekend but we'll be looking to go there next week and tell you if I was right.

In the meantime, have a look yourselves.      

Oh - and THANK YOU kyliebewley (& co) for investing in Aber.

Well said Dai and welcome back  Very Happy

I'm looking forward to trying out Kylie's new place. She's got a tough act to follow but it sounds as if she's on the right lines  Very Happy

Thank you for your lovely comments and it is lovely to have such a warm welcome....we look forward to seeing you again very soon!   Very Happy  ps im a vindaloo kinda person lol x

We've had several take aways already and the food is excellent and like Dai said it's a lot cheaper, saving about 8 on our normal order.
Looking forward to our first meal in the restaurant soon, I promise.
Blind Pew

I had a take out on Saturday, it was excellent, I will certainly be paying a visit in the very near future

We went back to the CV yesterday evening. It was busy, certainly by Chillies' standards, and I understand it got a lot busier still later.

The food was excellent. I had lamb tikka biryani and my wife had chicken saag and both were delicious. It was warm and has a nice homely feel - the restuarant not the food  Laughing  The service was impeccable - I think it was Shopon? And it was remarkably cheap!

Well done Kylie and her team  Very Happy

Thank you Martin Smile we hope to see u again soon Smile x

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