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Chivers Family Tyleri Fountain


I've started doing my family tree, I've found lots of names all ending in Chivers but unfortunately I have no stories. I realise that its a long time ago my great gran was born in the 1890's... Martha Chivers and she married Thomas Underwood who was originally from Cardiff and I think that's where there ties to abertillery end. Once married they moved around a fair bit,eventually ending up living on Anglesey. I think its just my oldest 2 Great Aunts who were born In Monmouthshire ( I don't have an exact location) There names Iris Underwood and Marnie Irene Underwood (went by the name Rene) As far as I know there were still relatives living in the area for a good few years after they left.

There was a business owned by the Underwood family which had the name Rising Sun (which may not have been the name of the business could have been a place) all my gran ever said about the rising sun was it was in Monmouth and her dad should have had a share in it. From some of the stories she would tell about him I think he maybe had a bit of a shady past. Moonlight flits because of not having the rent money, stealing from farmers to feed his family.

I'm trying to build up a picture of the family I used to have, what their lives were like how they lived. Thank you if you are able to help me do this.

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