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Eddie legge

Choice Cameron or Thatcher

Cameron the ‘Spoil Sport’
Eddie Legge I quote
David Cameron is saying “More needs to be done if Britain wants to build on the success which saw sporting giant Sir Chris Hoy take his sixth gold medal on Tuesday night”.
He said this whilst criticising teachers who were unwilling to play their part in coaching young talent outside of school hours as he called for a return to the "competitive ethos" in school sports.
Pity he didn’t say the same during the Tory ‘Terror Years’ when his idol Margaret Thatcher and her successor John Major forced schools to sell their playing fields by reducing their educational budgets.
He also enthusiastically forgets his government’s actions as soon as they came into power which was to cut extra hours budgets which were used for out-of-hours sports sessions for the children in our schools.
Perhaps he should be seeking psychological help in restoring his memory that is of course if the NHS has sufficient budgets to sort him out!
fred probyn

spoil sport.

How can the PM say he wants to encourage sport in schools,when the torys have sold of a lot of school playing fields.He needs to look at the Clown Michal Gove the Education Secretary records first.When he was appointed to this job and he was going on about children playing more games his own mother exposed him as a schoolboy who would not join in any school sporting activity because he was afraid of getting hurt.

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