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Community Council Accounts 2010-11

This is an extract of the 'Financial Statement for Year Ending 31st March 2011' ie. the latest set of accounts of the 'town council'.

Sheet1 is entitled 'Capital Reserve and Current Accounts'

As per book 1st April 2010       65,993.69
Plus Income for year              102,444.46
Total Amount                          168,438.15

Less Expenses for the year     91,521.73    

Plus Unpresented Cheques          110.84

As per Book 31st March 2011  77,027.26  


Sheet2 - 'Capital Reserve Account':

As at 1st April, 2010                        47,050.46
Add Income for the Year                  89,049.79

Total Income 31st March, 2011      136,100.25

Less Expenditure for Year               60,000.00

As Per Book 31st March 2011         76,100.25


Sheet3 is entitled 'Gratuity Account':


As per Book 1st April 2010             15,658.80
Plus Income for Year                               7.78

Total for Year                                  15,666.58

Less Expenditure for Year                          Nil

As Per Book 31st March 2011         15,666.58


Here is Sheet5, entitled 'Current Account':

Income 2010/11

As at 1st April 2010                                18,943.23
VAT Returns                                              4,798.82  
Transferred from Capital Reserve           60,000.00
Christmas Festive Lighting                       2,150.00
Allotment Rent                                             248.50
BGCBC                                                      4,175.00
Pantomime Receipts                                    974.65
Aber & District Twinning Assn                       900.00
Returned Chairman's Allowance                  147.70

Income for Year                                                           92,337.90

Expenditure 2010/11

Salaries                                                  29,487.54
Tax & N.I.                                                  9,193.81
Councillors Expenses                                   138.30
Civic Affairs                                               5,966.23
Telephone, Postage, Audit                        1,925.26
Conference, Stationery, Insurance            8,531.39
Council and Ward Donations, S.137         4,550.00
Environment and Leisure                        25,743.83
Misc.                                                          1,261.38
VAT Paid                                                    4,723.99


Plus unpresented Cheque for                                         110.84

As Per Book 31st March 2011                                          927.01


Graham Bartlett as Clerk and S151 Responsible Financial Officer prepared these, and I'm sure you'll be able to see the original ratified document if you ask.

There are notes to the report:

"This year we made a healthy surplus due to the 4,000. from Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council and 2,500. from various sources for Christmas Lighting, as well as repayments from Abertillery & District Twinning Association to reduce their loan.
This accounts for over 50% of the surplus."

Please note - these are direct verbatim extracts from the document, provided at my request.

These accounts are closed and hence no queries etc. can be brought up.
However, they raise a number of questions in my head and I'll be on the lookout for the 2011/12 ones and I'll invoke my rights as a citizen to scrutinise them when they are released.
Those of you lucky enough to have read the Community Council Cwmtillery Ward Independent-minded candidates' manifesto will be able to directly relate a lot of the above to it.

Anyone want the 2009/10 Accounts 'published'?

Interestingly expenditure dropped from 2009/10 to 2010/11 - but only on certain items. Guess which ones?

Env & Leisure (presumably items which enhance our community in some way ) dropped by almost 5,000, donations to organisations etc. (grants) by 500 and 'Misc' by nearly 5,000.

'Salaries' increased, as did 'Civic Affairs', 'Telephone, Postage, Audit' and 'Conference, Stationery, Insurance'.

Question - why bundle Conference, which is not an office cost, with stationery (which is), and why bundle them with Insurance, which is a corporate cost and nothing whatsoever to do with attending conferences or buying headed paper, envelopes etc ?

Question - in the same vein, spending on telephone and postage is office costs, but Audit is an organisational matter.

Question - why is there a heading 'Tax & NI' ? The only payroll cost for an employer (apart from the wage/salary itself) is Employer's NI, which for 2010/11 was 12.8% (over 110/wk).
Tax, although paid over to HMRC, is deducted from the employee at source, so is not expenditure (unless for some weird, non-standard reason it's counted as 'income' ).
Why are Payroll overheads stated as 31% of salary costs ??????

Question - on the subject of Audit, there's no Auditor's certificate or statement included in the Statement of Accounts. In my experience that's a bit unusual but there are dispensations for smaller community councils and this might be one of them.
I think we need to know who the Community Council's Appointed Auditors are though.

A letter has been sent to Abertillery businesses from BG's town centre manager for Aber.

It asks for donations towards Christmas Lighting, amounting to about 11,000.

You'll see from the above accounts that the community council has over 76,000 in the bank.

Why are hard-pressed businesses being asked to fork out when the Community Council has sufficient funds ?

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