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council refuse collection letter

how much did this a4 sheet cost to print and deliver one to every house in the borough  who thought of this crazy scheme  are they going to do a dna test to see who put the bags out  if i had more than  5 bags i would put 5 in the bin and place the others a few metres  away  are the binmen maths graduates who count the number of houses  excluding the vacant ones per st then divide that figure into the number of bags collected   i thought they walked in front of the truck and placed the bags in one spot and loaded them there  i hope its not outside my home in case a waste warden comes along and thinks they are all mine  if your going to cheat dont put out a bin just put out black bags they cant possible be traced back to you  not that i think you should i am responsible regarding waste  the council is responsible for crazy money wasting schemes

We haven't had a letter yet. Without wishing to spoil the surprise when we do, what does it say?

Council refuse collection letter.

Like most things that come off the council crap, Jobs for the boys.

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