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Council takes steps to maintain car parking spaces

I'm pleased to report that BGCBC appear to be taking positive action to return the number of car parking spaces to the level they were before the multi-storey was demolished, prior to the awarding of a contract to rebuiold it, even better than before.

The number of spaces lost because of the demolition is to offset by the creation of the new Carmel St car park.

The new Carmel St car park is to be created as the result of the acquisition of 'The Arena' er..... and of course demolishing it.

Letters have been sent to nearby residents apparently.

Presumably the town council have been informed, and as consultees been er.... consulted.

But of course that's easy, given that the (BG) Executive Member for Regeneration and the Town Clerk are er..... one and the same.

Oh - and co-opted town councillor Christine Tidey is the same Cllr Christine Tidey who's on BG's  - wait for it, wait for it - Planning Committee.

(Note - demolition on that scale needs Planning Consent, the sort that BGCBC failed to do properly when wanting to demolish the multi-storey, hence the delay last Autumn).

So it takes knocking down the Arena and building another car park to achieve the same level of car parking spaces we had before.Does anyone know if there was anything structually wrong with the old one?Seems like wasting even more money if there wasn't,don't we already have a large under used car park a similar distance from the town centre.Perhaps the same person that designed the original cycle path up the valley is still know that one they had to widen later.    
 Rolling Eyes

Just to make it clear that it's my words re. the number of parking spaces but I think we all get the point.

And it's not only the cycle path Ian ( not Jones Smile ).

* Jubilee Square was built without Disabled Access, in contravention of the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act), which provides for 'disabled access' to publicly-owned premises and areas (in a nutshell).
(It is possibly still in contravention because the 'disabled access' is some way from the actual entrance).

* The War Memorial is quite possibly the same ie. the town council (as stewards of the War Memorial) should have complied with the DDA. It is being asked to confirm whether the Memorial does, and if not I'd expect it to be done ready for this year's ceremony and Service of Remembrance.

* The Health Centre Car Park access ramp had to be reworked because its original gradient was outside of the incline provided for by - yes you've guessed - the DDA.

* The speed bumps across from Division St to High St had to be chopped due to being too high.
(In my view this now makes them completely outside the suggested specs from the DoT becasue they aren't speed bumps any more but speed ramps, having a flat top - more on that one later in the year I think).

* A similar story with Church St. (though nothing's been done yet).
(I have to look at damage to my car and take a few measurements prior to sending BGCBC a letter).

* Stonework on the Alma St parapet of the Foundry Bridge. Completed about 3 years ago and now ripped up for a new scheme.

* The purchase of the Lib, yet the planned purchase of the Stute for a 'resource centre'. Isn't the Lib suitable for that then?
(The Stute of course is miners' property.)

* The flagship of the town, Anvil Court, being run down to zero occupancy.
I gather that the Post Office is soon to move and that BGCBC find the place too expensive.
Been a really good additon to Aber has that (but a better one to0 the Developer's bank account).

* The large amount of public money channelled into the former Fads, which will provide bigger and better empty shops.  

* The purchase of the former TV shop in Tillery St ready for Foundry Square, which foundered because the owner of Five Star chippy wouldn't get out. History shows that the council never needed to purchase those two properties anyway, since the derelict land is er.... square.

* The provision of the cycle track which will effectively prevent a rail link because it provides the powers that be with the excuse that one WG policy (rail and transport infrastructure) will be conflicting with another (the Cycle Network).


Anyone got any more?
eddie smith

Rocke wrote:

* A similar story with Church St. (though nothing's been done yet).
(I have to look at damage to my car and take a few measurements prior to sending BGCBC a letter

Can you still get spares for a trabant ?

Council takes steps to replace car parking spaces.


No no no stoob.

It's simply the last thrashings of an intellectual frog that for some reason decided it could join the big boys and swam from its little pond into a cerebral ocean.

Never had a chance against intelligent creatures that can swim against the tide, survive depths, huge waves and strong currents.

(I'm having a whale of a time joshing with this one Laughing )

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