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Councillors taking us for an expensive ride

So, the council has increased the fees for the licence our taxi drivers have to hold by over £80, to almost treble the current rate.

This would have been approved by the Licencing Committee, the Chair of which is Cllr Mark Holland.

I have suggested that he, along with the rest, should be lobbied.

At its meeting of 14th March the committee considered a report and voted it through (Minutes are not yet available however, but that hasn't stopped the Licencing Department sending out letters detailing the atrocious increase).

Part of the report reads:


5.1 As the Authority cannot profit from taxi licence fees, potential risks of legal challenge to the fees will always exist. It is therefore important that any increase in fees is justifiable and does not exceed reasonable cost recovery for taxi licensing services (see Appendix 1).

5.2 Further risks are associated with a substantial increase in fees and these have been outlined fully in the associated business case. These include the risk of drivers/businesses ceasing trading or obtaining licences from a different local Authority. This could lead to lower levels of income than anticipated. Furthermore, potential increases in illegal “ghost” taxis have been identified which could require an increase in the enforcement activity.  There is also potential for adverse publicity and strong representation from the trade against large fee increases."

Councillors clearly didn't take these points on board, and voted for something in the full and certain knowledge that drivers might be forced out of a job and the council losing out.

Clearly "[i]adverse publicity and strong representation from the trade against large fee increases
" didn't overly concern them.

I've mentioned Cllr Holland but since democracy is a joint responsibility here's the rest of the committee:

M Bartlett, Mrs K Bender Bsc.(Hons), D Bevan, M Cross, M Dally, D Hancock, Mrs A Lewis, J Morgan, Mrs D Rowberry, T Sharrem, G Thomas, J Williams M.B.E. J.P., B Willis (Deputy Mayor), Mrs L C Winnett (Vice-Chair)

I've suggested that the taxi drivers should consider sanctions such as an embargo on the transportation of councillors and their families, and other things.

But then, use of the Civic car will increase exponentially I suppose.
(Cllr Bender BSc will no doubt be able to work that one out).

If anyone wishes to reproduce this post feel free to do so.

Councillors taking us for an expensive ride

Council Magazine figures, occasionally see Connect at the library never had one delivered, figures courtesy of the Argus.

Blaenau Gwent prints its magazine Connect four times a year, costing £23,200, Torfaen spends £32,157 a year on Torfaen Talks and Newport spends £53,237.24 on Newport Matters.

Torfaen Talks is a monthly one.

So BG's is more than twice as expensive  Wink

Oh - and Newport Matters is 10 times per year.

That makes BG the dearest Borough. Anyone surprised.

A lesson for all boliticians - NEVER say anything that can be scientifically tested.

So - why is BG spending more on its propoganda leaflet than comparable councils?
And more to the point, has any councillor: a) sussed that out; and b) asked that question??????????

Councillors taking us for an expensive ride

A Pie Chart.
Warning if swallowed could result in acute indigestion.

Ian Jones

Stoob do you know anything about the deal between Capita and the Councils ?

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