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Credit Where It's Due

Yesterday we went on a walk organised by Blaenau Gwent Access to Heritage Project and it was excellent. The council often gets brickbats thrown at it (not least by me) so it's only fair when they do something good to give them credit.

Many thanks especially to our guide Frank Olding. Even though I grew up in Cwmtillery I still learned quite a few new things from Frank about the area and Wales more generally.

Frank is a legend.

Now it would be nice if the council started advertising and even marketting the natural beauty and amenity that abounds in, around and above Cwmtillery/Blaentillery etc.  

( And there's me thinking you were working up a thirst Martyn.  Smile )

A lot of people have been saying for a long time that the natural beauty of Blaenau Gwent should be pushed by the council. It is not just nature we abound in its also history, all of which can be used to entice people to visit.

I was talking to Frank Olding about this and he thinks one of the main problems is that there is no where for people to stay or anything to do in the evenings. Its a catch 22 situation as until the tourists come no one Will provide the facilities and vice versa.

Well, a WAO report a couple of years back stated that while BG had done relatively well (in terms of value) with its regeneration money it was suggested that tourism had not been fully looked upon as a vehicle for economic regeneration.

Strange, because Bryn Bach Park (which is not in the Ebbw Fach valley, coincidentally) is a tribute to the success of the council, yet it appears to have ignored other possibilities SUCH AS CWMTILLERY LAKES AND THE VICINITY.

I'll leave it at that or the thread will have to be moved.    Smile

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