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Death at Six Bells in 1906

My Grandfather's first wife, Ellen Gertrude Webb died at Belmont House, Alexandra Road, Six Bells in June 1906 after giving birth to twins.  One of the babies was stillborn and the other lived for three months but died in September 1906.  Could anyone tell me where she (and the babies) are likely to be buried?  I don't know the area at all but hope to visit one day.  Where may I find the parish records for that period?
Thanks for any help that anyone can give me.


Brynithel Cemetery is the closest to Alexandra road. Hope this helps.

Thank you Antony for your reply.  I will do some more research on Brynithel Cemetery.


Death in Six Bells 1906

I have contacted Blaenau-Gwent offices but they tell me that records for Brynithel Cemetery do not go back as far as 1906.  Does this mean that Brynithel Cemetery did not exist in 1906? Is there another cemetery in the area where my ancestors may be buried?  Any help would be  greatly appreciated.

pent boy


Blaenau gwent chapel was used a lot at that time I believe and there was also Christchurch in Aberbeeg.

The place of burial could depend on a number of factors, birthplace,religious beliefs,or the church they regularily attended ect and not necessarily the proximity of her home address and a local burial ground.

The old parish church St Illtyds Llanhilleth closed for new burials on October 18th 1909 I have checked the burial records there but found nothing under  Ellen Gertrude Webb. There is also Christ Church and Glandwr Churchyard in Aberbeeg at that date.

I have found nothing in the South Wales Gazette records that may have helped

Death at Six Bells 1906

Thank you Pent Boy and Carolyn for your replies.  Do you know where could I find records of Blaenau Chapel and Christchurch and Glandwr cemetery?

Helen (Ellen) Gertrude Cinderby was born in East Dean, Forest of Dean so I don't think she would have been buried there, but she married my grandfather at the parish church in Llanhilleth in 1902.  Would this be St Illtyds?  I don't know if they were regular church attenders.

Thank you again for your help.



Record_ID: 42869
Entry_Number: 6559
Year: 1906
Month: Jun
Day: 9
Surname: WEBB
Forenames: Ellen Gertrude
Residence: Six Bells Abertillery
Age_at_death: 31 years
Officiating_Minister: Edward Parnell Rector
Event: Burial
Register_Reference: P275 IN 1/14
Page_No: 22
Parish_Chapel: Ruardean
Soundex: W100

Forest of Dean Family History Parish Records
pent boy


Well done Caroline, you have probably just made Helenb"s day.
pent boy


Sorry, I meant Carolyn Embarassed

Not sure but can check it out but at this date I don't think it was compulsory to register the death of a stillborn, however being a twin the baby may have been registered at the time of his sibbling.

I could find no record of a burial for a new born on the parish records of the same date.  I could find no record for a baby (Webb) of 3 months at St. Illtyds, there was one for 9 months. Not checked Blaenau Gwent as yet for the baby I would have imagine that the 3 month old baby had been registered at birth and death.

Helenb what was the Christian name(s) of the baby?

Death at Six Bells

Thank you so much Carolyn for finding out the info on Ellen Gertrude.  As Pent Boy says you have made my day!

I don't know if the stillborn child was named but the one who lived for 3 months was called Maurice Stanley.  I have found birth and death registrations for him but have not yet obtained the certificates.

I understand it was not complusory to register stillbirths until about 1926.

Thanks again for your help Carolyn.  Well done.


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