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Deep in the bowels of Eddie Legge...........

..lies a set of teeth allegedly.

(Or is it 'a set of teeth that lies' ???????????)
Eddie legge

more guts in a louse

Who am I referring to when I say more guts in a louse, Rocke the toothless Rottweiler He will bark all day to keep Eddie away, in his kennel  he shall hide,when Eddie know,s he lied,


And here's some proof of what the teeth utter:

Eddie legge wrote:
In reply to David Rocke Council has increased Taxi driver licence fees, Don't blame Taxi owners and drivers he said  if Taxi fares to go up,Tis a good I say that civic car is still available,

Keep talking nEddie.
This will be a 10-pager before long.


Deep in the bowels of Eddie Legge a fire lies smouldering.

We always used to say it in school.

Eddie legge

Rocke stranger to the truth

Rocke knows more about lieing than the devil himself,the sad thing being as an acting Admin he is allowed to swear and lie at will

Re: Rocke stranger to the truth

Eddie legge wrote:
Rocke knows more about lieing than the devil himself,the sad thing being as an acting Admin he is allowed to swear and lie at will

Please supply me with the proof that you have that Rocke is an admin on this forum acting or otherwise
Eddie legge

On the ball Admin

When I  said about Rocke being an acting Admin it was said more has a joke than a serious comment sorry If it caused discontent to anyone I will take this opportunity to apologies for saying to Martyn 142 about making a C out of his mouth that was very bad of me  
Thank goodness I have got your attention, Admin when I provided what you asked evidence to prove that David Rocke was misleading us about Eddie Reporting him to Ombudsman no reply from you why, and when I asked you to look into some of the insulting comments no reply, I have now been accused of calling Ian Jones Wife a liar, And in large printed letters Eddie Legge is a liar,Tell me were you the Admin in June 2013 who said I am writing to let you know Eddie Legge that I feel you have slipped below debate and into personal attacks on members of this Forum in particular Rocke  and Martyn 142, Why Why o Why has those two metioned along with Ian Jones and Kdwent been allowed to hurl personal attacks at will against Eddie Legge Did you not feel they had slipped below debate

And today another uttering from the deep brown yonder:

Eddie legge wrote:
The Abertillery Forum failure David Rocke the sook, Out of office out of work and was caught out when denying he knew  Eddie had reported him to Ombudsman in 2011, The Cwmtillery loud mouth has to do his shouting and arm waving from the Blaenau Gwent touch lines

If you bother to read this you will note that this is what is known as a trolling post. It is intended to be insulting and malign the intended victim.

Note a small, but very important, part of it:

"out of work" it says.

So, "out of work" is an expression of insult as far as Eddie Legge is concerned.
I'd say it's an insult to every person who is striving to find a job in order to provide a proper living for themselves and their families.

Especially of course the ones recently thrown on the scrapheap by a Labour-led Blaenau Gwent Council.

You heard it and saw it here.

Eddie Legge uses unemployment as a means to insult people.

No, let's say it louder:

Eddie Legge has attempted to insult someone by saying they are unemployed.

In fact, let's say it in Eddie Legge's true colours:

Eddie Legge, self-confessed Labour die-hard thinks that 'he' can use unemployment as a means of insulting someone.

Eddie legge

Nil Sine Labore

David Rocke the sook Wants members of this Forum to believe Eddie dosnt care about the unemployed,He tells us that he has been  out of work for two years, and that his his wife and family are not suffering because of it, no food banks and handouts for those
The unemployed that I know were laid off not because of any investigation involving them and their employer All are now struggling to make ends meet, and if they had the qualifications that our ex councillor has they would be out there looking for work It will take some explaining why should David Rocke an  IT specialist be out of work for two years Why may I ask would an employer want to be rid of the best IT man on their books must be a reason, in life there is a logical explanation to everything
Whats the betting Rocke will find a favorable one

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