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Democracy? This site does not know the meaning of the word.
Leave my comments up please. They're not abusive so you have no justification to delete them.

This is hilarious. An anonymous BNP fan lecturing us on democracy and bullying.  Laughing

Has anyone demanded your messages be deleted? Not so far as I can see.
Is anyone preventing "Mr Urch" from standing? Apparently not as his name is due to be on the ballot paper.

If you really believe that the BNP is merely sticking up for the indigenous Welshman and woman then you really ought to spend a little more time looking into their "activities".

If you know full well the extent of the BNP's viciousness then shame on you for supporting them.

All I heard in 'the Mersh' yesterday was about how BNP supporters were making a nuisance of themselves in town pushing leaflets - one person said they'd been approached FOUR TIMES.

Apparently they're a bit offish if you don't take one.

Trust me to miss all the action.

Yeah they have a history of being "a bit offish" with people who don't agree with them lol

Well I'm going to be over at the count next Thursday.

I'll be talking to Brian, as mates do.
It'll be interesting to see what his 'mates' make of me.

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