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Do we have any law enforcers in Abertillery?

With all the CCTV about town and we still have muggers about, they tell meWE have had another mugging near Powell St today. Is it to cold for town to have law persons walking about town or turn on the CCTV.

lets not glamorize the act by calling it mugging  it is a cowardly theft with violence mostly on a vulnerable person  apparently one victim was a lady reliant on crutches  it must have took a real tough guy to overpower her  i understand a name for the alleged scum responsible has been published on facebook  the use of drugs is a huge problem here leading to all manor of thefts  if people choose to live outside societies rules then they should be excluded from our perks for being law-abiding healthcare unemployment benefit etc   have a bloody great hoarding in the center of ever town with convicted criminals photographs displayed on it
Ian Jones

For once i find myself in total agreement with you Mr Cantona.

merci beaucoup m jones
pent boy


But monseur Cantona you forget about "the scums" HUMAN RIGHTS, what a joke those two words are in situations like this, and if I am truly honest in 99% of cases where thugs and criminals are concerned.

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