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Ein ffrind ni!!!

We know a boy his name is Glenn
He spells his name with a double NN
He works in Woolies he's not very tall
A Harry Potter look-alike thatís Glen n Wall.
He's a nice young boy and he's quick off the mark
He's a bit of a Gog but a bright young spark
We meet him on Face book and give him a call
But then he starts grizzling when we write on his wall.
We poke him and prod him and won't let him sleep
We've even thrown him a couple of sheep
We love him really even tho' he's not tall
Thatís our 'Glengetea'
Known as Glenn double N Wall.
He can be a pain when he speaks so fast
Especially in Welsh itís such a blast
We never understand him
He speaks in Gog tongue
Heís a bit of an alien but a lot of fun
He comes out with strange words
He reckons they are Welsh
We have never heard of them
He makes them up himself
Ganddo,efo, rwan a deud
Thatís all we ever hear
With his Gog Welsh pride
You never know whatís coming next
Not to mention his texts
It takes four of us to decipher them
Especially when they are in Welsh
But he is truly just a valleys boy
Who loves his cuppa tea
Clwb Clonc would be nothing
Without our Glenngettea!!!

Oddiwrth dy ffrindiau di
Kath a Jo

Da iawn chi'ch dwy am gerdd Glenn(gettea). Very Happy Dych chi'n merched ddrwg iawn am ysgrifennu am ein bachgen bach ni. Laughing
Fydd e ddim yn hapus gyda hyn a bydd e'n pwdu yn y clwb clonc nawr drwy'r nos. Bydd rhaid i ni chwarae "dwi'n gallu gweld gyda'm llygaid bach" yr holl amser, dim scrabl neu monopoly chwaith Rolling Eyes

Na Jeff, i ddeud y gwir dwi'n actiwyli'n hoffi can Smile Mae'n lyfli a fi wedi cadw hi i ddisg, a phan fi'n cyrraedd adra, bydda i'n ei phrinto hi allan, haha.

Wela i chi'r gyd heno Smile

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