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Eddie legge

Excel Parking and £60 fines

Western Mail Thursday 4th October
Many thanks to Blaenau Gwent MP Nick Smith who on Tuesday 18 September declared war in the House of Commons on car park operators who he claims are ripping off motorist Nick says “sharp practices” are costing British motorist “a staggering” £125 million a year in penalty charges. He says figures show that requests by private car park operators to the DVLA for driver details has leapt by a third to 1.57 million Mr Smith introduced a 10 Minute Rule Bill in the Commons Tuesday 18 September aimed at improving signage and ticketing (in car parks so that motorist know when they’re entering a pay and display car park’ and they are clearly told what they will have to pay)
I am a 76 year old Blue Badge holder and one of the motorists who has had to pay excessive penalty charges to Excel Parking
I was asked to do an interview with Wales ITV news and in support of Nick Smith and the countless other motorist involved with Excel Parking I was only to pleased to oblige
On two occasions while shopping in Ebbw Vale I parked in The Walk car park run by Excel Parking  
On the first occasion when I read on a sign outside Argos “Blue Badge Holders Only” and being a blue badge holder I parked not realizing the disabled bay was pay and display
Two weeks later at the same car park I bought a ticket but was fined again for not having all my cars registration numbers on the ticket
I honestly believed that I pushed the machine button hard enough – but it’s not easy at my age, to read the signage and to operate the machine
Why may I ask and with twenty first century technology would a ticket machine issue a non valid parking ticket

Gwent Gazette Thursday 25 October
More good news thanks to Nick Smith
Motorists are celebrating a victory after a private
Firm was hit with a suspension
Excel parking which manages The Walk car park
Ebbw Vale has been banned from accessing the DVLA
Database for three months after using incorrect signage or
Correspondence it means Excel Parking can’t issue Parking
Charge Notices during that time, sparing many motorists £60 fines

theres a website called there are template letter responses on there if you write the letter exactly as it tells you too its very much legal its your rights and if you follow the letter exactly you will probably get a second letter requesting payment and if you go back on the same website theres the second letter template to again write exactly how its shown and i 100 per gaurantee that these fines will stop coming as they cannot enforce these fines until you respond as in a way your acknowledging that you are the driver . ive had success and ive passed this site onto many family and friends who have also followed this procedure and also have not had any further demands with this you can find the template letters on the whatastate website

don't reply to any letters from exel or other private parking enforcment companies, if they don't get a response from a letter they will give up, i've done it and never had any come backs

only car parks to beware of is council owned and run where they will take you to court cos they have special powers cos it's council property

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