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expanding Eason research

On an early census I discovered a lady called Eason was the owner of the Bush Hotel.
Does anyone remember such a my family were the only Easons in the Blaenau Gwent area Im sure she must have been a relation.

Hi Hayden

Re Eason surname  when I was in QueenStreet School in the 40`s
there was a Maureen Eason in my class ,she either lived in Castle St or Vivian Street, Years later when my Dad was in Aberbeeg Hospital
she was a Nursing Auxillery there.
I know Uncle Harry had children  did your Dad have any Eason cousins?
I did trace the family to Aberbeeg area Which Census was the Bush Hotel Easons on? There were quite a few Eason Births in Bedwelty/Pontypool area in the 1800s.
Happy  Healthy 2013


Hi Hayden
forgorgot to say that message from K Perrett is "on the Buses" a bit lower down this page!!!

Hi Adrian
Very new to this site but will try to help you re earlier posting re Avril I may have some photographs am abroad at present and will
Be back in UK to my other home in April will contact you then

Shw mai,
I have written a bit to 'Exile' on another post so will wait for his reply.
As regards my dads family I only recently discovered he had a second sister that I never met! My auntie Ruby Eileen even lived in Richmond Rd but she never came to our house. I have to assume that there was some family rift.
I will look up the census about the Bush Hotel and post the info later.
thanks for your help!

Just an after thought...
I know my uncle Harry had 2 children a boy and a girl. The girl was called Angela but, and Im embarrassed to say, I cant remember the boys name? My uncle Harry died in Yeovil and I assume thats was with one of the children. Any ideas?

Eason Family

Hi Hayden
went digging  Found  your grandparents Henry Eason and Emily Morgan living at 68 Richmond Road with a daughter Ruby Eileen born
1908,Jack 1912 and Harry Morgan 1917.
Ruby Eileen married a Vivian O Jenkins in 1937 and moved to 11
Summerhill Avenue Newport . You Grandad was living there with her when he died at St Woolos Hospital in 1963 - His will left her 144- there were no other bequests

Ruby died 24th Feb 1964 and she left her husband 250, {They had no children}
     Details for your Family Tree  your dad`s details filled in   your Mum`s  are Private= the same as yours Basic details for Avril
   According to the Tree  Harry and Doreen only had a Girl -this must be Angela why do we both think there was a boy =checked no deaths
Anyway I `ll keep hunting

Expanding Eason search

HI Adrian
    Wondered if you saw my reply on the buses string

             Graham screen

Hi Graham,
Please forgive my ignorance regarding the passing of Ian, I truly believed that Ron had only one son. On the rare occasions that we met as a family I only remember meeting Ian! I have discovered that I knew very little about my dads life in Abertillery.
I have never married and my research over the last 20 years has been for Avrils children, if they ever show an interest!
I would love to hear more about the Screen dynasty if you have the time?

Hi again Adrian
Thanks for your reply have also replied to dragon girl on the string on the buses.As I said I am sure I have some old photographs that may interest you will sort them out when I get back in March I remember Avril very well she was a bit younger than me but as you say our parents were very close friends and we socialised a lot as a families in those days I never saw your mother again after she went to Newport but your Father was always about especially in the Old Tylerians days helping Dad sometimes . I was away from Abertilery a lot from 1960 on studying and working and finally left a few years later. I have two daughters and two grandsons and a wonderfully wife. We have a great life retired early live winter six months in Crete and the rest in the UK retired now for 14 years and really enjoying it.        Graham


Hi Graham,
love to hear more about your family and life in Crete... I will be 59 this year but due to an iresponsible life cant afford to retire anytime soon. My time is divided between working my forge business in <belgium in the summer and running a ski chalet near Megeve in the winter...sounds exotic but its hard work and getting harder thanks to arthritus and angina!
I miss the good old days in Six Bells and its a shame I didnt ask moreb questions of my elders when they were still around to provide answers!
If you would like to keep in touch let me know and we can exchange emaiul addresses

Apologies, believe Avril Eason is pictured in the latest Abertillery book in one of the County School pictures.


Hi Adrian
I have your email add. Will be in contact in a few months hopefully with some photographs

There was an Osborne Eason born abt 1904

Osbourne Eason
Age in 1911: 6
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1905
Relation to Head: Son
Gender: Male
Birth Place: Abertillery, Monmouthshire, Wales
Civil parish: Abertillery
County/Island: Monmouthshire
Country: Wales
Street Address: 59 Richman Road Abertillery Mon
Registration district: Bedwellty
Registration District Number: 585
Sub-registration district: Aberystruth
ED, institution, or vessel: 34
Household schedule number: 144
Piece: 31847
Household Members:
Name Age
Albert Wattrus
Jane Wattrus
Wilam Eason
Beales Eason
Osbourne Eason
Beatrice Eason
Harold Eason
Oliver Eason

Hi Carolyn,
thanks for the info. I think Osbournes father may have been my great grandfathers brother, William. The dates are pretty close to those I have in my tree.
I would really like to know what hapened to any of their children and if there are any surviving? The name Oliver has a distant memory but I think their may have been a rift in my family because none of these people existed in my world...and they lived in the same road!

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