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Is anyone else experiencing problems with BBC1 / BBC 2 on Freeview.
Every time we switch on there is no signal from these two stations, everything else is working.
Retuning solves the problem until the receiver is turned off and when turned back on the stations are gone again.
It's not my aerial or receiver because I have two seperate receivers or two seperate aerials...
Living at Brynithel receive the signal from the mast on the Trinant but I can't see were that would be a problem

Sounds very strange Terry. Sorry but I don't use Freeview. I did a quick google though and came back with plenty of people getting similar problems although it generally affects all channels. Might be worth a look though.

There was a message on BBC this week saying services would be disrupted and certain viewers would need to re tune around 13 March 2013.

....or it might be that.  Laughing

Message on screen last night to re-tune tv, just 8 tv channels, no BBC. Retuned tonight, 32 channels, 13 tv and 19 radio. This is on the spare tv upstairs with a small ariel. No itv 3 & 4 and not the 80 channels enjoyed in Cardiff!! Why do we put up with it?

It's shocking isn't it? I was undecided about Freeview or Freesat but with so few Freeview channels available in Aber there's no competition so long as you are willing to pay for the Freesat dish.

the government forced us to `go digital` and promised that the whole country would receive digital tv. What they didn't tell us was that, even though we pay the same licence fee as everyone else, we would only get a few (not even the best) channels
We've all been conned!
Oh by the way BBC is back on
Evil or Very Mad

I have been raising this matter for months. We had quite a discussion on here in January i believe.

Until we all make a fuss we Will continue to receive a second class service.

Sorry but my last post was slightly incorrect. The two BBC channels that I have to retune to every time I turn on FREEVIEW? still have the same problem.
As for the fact that we, the POOR people of the valleys, only get a small selection of the channels available to other viewers who only pay the same licence fee as us I suggest the we air our disappointment, no anger of being treated as 2nd class viewers to the address below. I certainly will!

DTV Services Ltd,
27-29 Cursitor Street
EC4A 1LT  Evil or Very Mad

Good shout Terry - I will be too.

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