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Funeral Director's in 1940's in Abertillery-Gladstone St.?

I am trying to find where my late ex-husband Derek Jones 1939 used to live in Abertillery with his mum and grandparents.  I think it could have been in Gladstone Street but am not sure.  I remember he used to live next door to a Family who were funeral directors or had a funeral business.

His nickname when he lived in Wales was Dekker

Any ideas?

tespencer Confused


Believe Fairclough's and Collier Elton were the undertakers in Abertillery in the 50's and 60's not sure about the 40's tad before me.
pent boy

Dereck Jones

Hi tespencer, sorry to hear that Dereck has passed away, I used to be friends with him when we were quite young and spent many hours in his home at that time. He was a year or two older than me but my eldest brother was his age and we very often played together as a group with others of a similar age to us. He did live in Gladstone street, his house was on the corner at the bottom of Cromwell street on the left hand side as you look up the hill. the back entrance to the house was on Cromwell street and that was the entrance we used. Fairclough the undertaker did live next door to them. Hope this has been of some use to you.

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Ian Jones

Hi Tespencer,
I believe you want 31 Gladstone St.
You can see the house on Google maps UK.
I was born in 34 opposite side of the road and about 50 mtrs away.
Unfortunately I don't remember them personally sorry.

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