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Gelli Grug School 1958

This is a photo sent to me by aber42 which, I understand, is of a class at Gelli Grug school in 1958. I am sure aber42 will be able to supply more information.


pent boy

pent boy

A lot of the faces I recognise but cant put names to them. They are probably 2 years younger than me. The 2 lads on the right are Donald Greenaway? from Oxford street and Tony Morgan? from Kings Head/ Oak street area. Pretty sure the girl in the middle of 2nd row is Lorraine Baghurst from Ashfield road and then lived in George Dagger avenue on the Roseheyworth estate.


Mavis meredith Yvonne Martin Gillian Hughes  Roger Phillips


Yes lorraine baghurst is on there had forgotten the names of most as some were year younger than me - ( I was 1942 born )- Three maybe four girls born 1942
scrum v

Ithink these photos are from gelli



Ben Morgan

My grandfather, Ben Morgan was headmaster at Gelli Crug 1950s to maybe early '60s.  Though I'm born and raised in the U.S., I had a morning's visit to the school c. 1959 as a 4 year old.  Still remember it rather well, and was impressed by the biscuits that came with the tea! Would be curious to hear any memories of Ben.  I had many visits over the years to Blaina where my grandparents lived.  Ben passed away in 1977, and his wife Lottie in 1987.  Thanks.  Stuart

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