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Gospel Hall

Does anyone remember the Gospel Hall, I believe it was close to Ebenzeer Baptist Church?

gospel Hall

hi Trebor,
Welcome to the Forum. Racking my brain over this one ,!!! There was a converted house/shop at the bottom of Tillery street about opposite the Methodist  Church, I think the sign on that was Gospel Hall but I think it was owned by Jehovahs Witnesses do they call their churches that  ? Kingdom Hall springs to mind
. Further up Tillery Street was the Pentecostal Church bottom of Newall street . I can`t think of anything near Ebenezer Baptist Church
Maybe some one else has more ideas

There was a Jehovah's Witness Hall towards the bottom of Tillery Street but I am pretty sure it was called Kingdom Hall, as you suggested dragongirl. Also I think it was only converted from a normal terrace house in about the very late 70s.

Not much help really!   Laughing

Thanks dragongirl.  

I don't remember too much about Abertillery as I left when I was 7 but my mother who is in her mid 80s has strong memories of the town. She says the Gospel Hall was possibly in Park Place and was where she attended Sunday School, this would be in the 1930s.

She remembers a Mr & Mrs Snell, he was the preacher, they had a son Douglas who drowned at Porthcawl. They also had a daughter, the name escapes her, who was possibly a teacher. She thinks the Sunday school teacher was a Mr Thorn.

From the Gospel Hall she also remembers a Mr & Mrs Gould of Oak St. They had a daughter Cissie, who married a Wilf Hillman. They lived in London for a while and upon his death she returned to Aberbeeg to live.

Gospel Hall

Hi Trebor,
Didn`t think of the other side of Ebenezer !! but nothing comes to mind
but it might jog someones memory.
 I  was born in Sixbells and went to Somerset mehodist Church and a   family named Snell lived next door but one to us  in Bryngwyn Rd  don`t remember if he was a Minister but Snells still live there.!!!!
  I  later married and lived in Oak Street there were Snells and Goulds living there then, probably realatives of your Mum`s memories
 I hope someone can help with this .


Miss or Mrs Snell was a teacher in British Infants about 1947/9

Gospel Hall

I thought I`d replied to this yesterday --old age again,
I was taught by a Sunday School teacher in Somerset Methodist Church opposite the Police Staion in about  1948 ,her name was Doreen Snell and I`m sure she was a Teacher in one of the Schools in Abertillery, Her father and mother  were big Chapel goers .he could have been a lay Preacher They lived on Gladstone Street very near the Glynmawr Street turning. Doesn`t tell us more about Gospel Hall though !!!


May be the Gospel Hall was called Chapel house which was in Parc Place lived in by Alice Cleaves and William Cleaves, And was next to No 17,

I think the Gospel Hall was the building behind Park Place just above the Rolling Mill beer garden opposite Co-op terrace. It was used as a store for Powells carpets for a number of years but has now burned down but members of St. Michael's church can give you some information about it.

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