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gwent police owl system

a colleague brought a copy of the police owl system into work this morning seems we will all be asked to join so i await a visit from the old bill when they come down my road to early to judge it yet  there is no substitute for an open police station where you can go and speak to an officer and police on the streets as a deterrent stopping crime by showing a police presence is easier than detecting it after the event   the owl may have a place in modern policing but dont forget the basics

I am sure everyone else knows, but I have no idea what the Owl system is Monsieur Eric.  Confused

Is it when they drive past a criminal and instead of stopping and arresting them they just hoot at them on their horn  Laughing
Ian Jones
10speed and brownshoe

the owl system in abertillery goes like this, new constable says "i just issued a few parking offence fines sarge" sergeant says "you twit to whoo"

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