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Haulfan, Commercial Road,Aberbeeg

We have recently moved to the above property and are trying to find out the history of the house and if possible, some old photo's - I know it's a bit of a 'long-shot'! Wink

From what little information we know, the previous owner, now deceased 'Joan Short' used to work as a cook at Aberbeeg Primary School which was behind our house.

If anyone has any photo's of the area or memories we would love to hear from you


Haulfan, Commercial Road.

Occupants 1922-2002 electoral registers.

1922- Stuart Thomas, Esther Thomas and Mary Phillips.
1928- Edward Boobyer and Margaret Boobyer.
1931- Arthur Stone, Rosa Stone and Florence Stone.
1968- Robert Smith and Rosemary Smith.
1979- Arthur Short, Joan Short and Ernest Morgan.
2002- Joan Short.

Hi Stoob

Thanks alot for the information

Jo  Very Happy

Haulfan, Commercial Road.

Just to let you know those electoral registers at Newport Reference Library go from 1843 to 2002 with time out for both wars.
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