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Hill family 6 Gelli-Crug Rd and Parsons family on Newall St.

Is there anyone who went to school around 1948-1949 with either David Hill, then aged ~15 and living with parents 6 Gelli-Crug road,
or David Parsons, same age living with parents  on Newall street on the right side downhill. David Hill studied later in Leicester.
These 2 boys from the same school with a few others from Pontypool, in all approx. 16 boys and girls, participated to a summer school exchange with an equivalent group from the towns of Ath and Lessines in Belgium.
The Belgians went the first year to Abertillery and the year after the children from Abertillery came and stayed to Belgium for 3 weeks.
My correspondant was David Hill, David Parsons's correspondent was Jacques Felix. I have fond memories of that stay in Abertillery and am now aged 82. Do these persons happen to have descendants in Abertillery?
Looking at Google's StreetView not much has changed  in the area familiar to me. Thanks in advance for any tip. I live in Switzerland.
André Fischer

Hill family 6 Gelli Crug Road

1953 Electoral Register,

12 Gelli Crug Road, Arthur Hill,Gladys M Hill and David Hill.

47 Newall Street, Leslie Parsons, Lily Parsons, Peter H L Parsons and David L T Parsons.

Sorry didn't know either family.

Hill family 6 Gelli Crug Road

Hi Andre

Talked to a friend living Gelli Crug Road.
She opined Arthur Hill was a music teacher and his son David emigrated to Canada.
Let you know if anything crops up on David Parsons.

Hill family 6 Gelli Crug Road

Hi Bryan,

Excellent sleuth!! Thank you and your friend. Good confirmation of what I knew/remembered but didn't express to avoid sending you on a wrong track: father was a music teacher (maybe in the school in the same street??) and David emigrated to Canada after studying in Leicester. shows an endless list of David Hill. Hence the search ends here: needle in a haystack, and aged >80!

Hill family 6 Gelli Crug Road

Yes believe she said he taught music at Gelli Crug School.
If you look at the Warfields thread on this page, John Gibbs went to Gelli late 40's, don't know if he was associated with either David Hill or David Parsons though.

Stepping out of the context of person search but in the same period 1948-49, one of ours (children of B) was located in Pontypool in a policeman's family. He reported that his greatest thrill had been to spend a night in the little jail next door! we all envied him very much.
Indeed the jail was hardly used, only just occasionally for a drunken guy. These days people (many miners) had a hard and simple life and one could leave all doors open.

Hill family 6 Gelli Crug Road


Had an email stating David Hill emigrated to Canada and died there at a young age. Further stated he died before his father Arthur.


Sad news indeed. Thanks a lot for your endeavour at collecting informations of yesterday. Your social networking is very efficient.
I regret that I did not demonstrate my attachment and gratitude to Abertillery before reaching a great age. Earlier that could have been addressed very personally. Here its a public affair of minor interest.
P.S. I did practice a little gaelic in books - "llan" is the last remnant.

Holiday exchange to Belgium

I was on that exchange visit and stayed with a family in Nosseghem  outside Brussels. Miss May Evans and Mr Lloyd from Abertillery Grammar school were with us. I am sorry to hear about David Hill. David Parsons was a fair haired boy interested in photography. I'm sure he studied medicine in London ( Kings College? ) and became a doctor.

Hill family 6 Gelli Crug Road

Both teachers mentioned are pictured in the memories section, page 31 Abertillery Grammar School.

AGS photograph

Yes, I recognised them and several other teachers. Percy Williams taught me history - he would fly around the school in his tattered black gown like a crow ! Mr Osborne fresh from the RAF taught Geography, and what a relief after Miss Pritchard, who left to get married at the age of 40! We thought that was prehistoric. I still remember Mr Osborne's car registration - GNY678 - I saw that car pass me so many times as I hurried up Oak St. He lived in Ystrad Mynach.
Mr Jones taught Latin. He often walked around with a blanket wrapped around his waist. I especially enjoyed Latin and French but I was converted to science ( my future career was in agricultural science ) by Mr Bill Abrahams who awarded me full marks in chemistry even though I had spelled Potassium with 2 'T's . Bless his memory!
Mr Taylor followed Mr Lewis as Headmaster. Was that Mr Jakeman in the back row? He taught Art in the annexe in town. All I remember was trying to draw perspectives - long lines of receding telegraph poles - or a scene at the railway station. There seemed to be a rapport ( for want of a better word ) between him and Miss Bartlett who taught English. I remember once she flashed her tartan knickers as she perched on a
desk to begin a lesson! Too much information, perhaps!
Norman Dix was very good at Art. I remember his drawings copied from the Daily Express when the Russian Dynamo football team visited this country after the War. He married a French girl and was a teacher in Somerset.
I was sorry to read the comments of Anthony Earl Williams about
Mr Handy. He taught junior Maths and Woodwork. I always found him very kind and patient. Who knows what was going on in his life to make another side of his character come to the fore in aggression.

Just got a notification of Marion31's reply - thanks a lot dear! I dare assume that the suffix 31 stems from 1931, the year I was born. I was not aware that Nossegem (attached to Zaventem) was a destination of some of the children.
I my mind Lessines, in the french speaking part of B, was hosting the group who wanted to learn french. I lived in Grammont/Geraardsbergen (flemish part of B) but attended school in Lessines. Indeed David Parsons was a bright guy... no wonder he made a career. Any idea of whereabouts? 3 years ago I visited his correspondent Jacques Felix in Lessines, 7860 B.
I still remember the given name "Norma" of a british girl, because it was quite unusual in my surrounding and it is interesting to see the name's popularity in with a peak in 1930: fits nicely!
For sure teachers accompanied the group but I have a blank.
Mary Ann

I am wondering if the "Norma" mentioned is the daughter of
Mr Arthur Handy a teacher at the  Grammar  School which I attended
from 1947.  She is the only girl I  can remember of that name, and incidentally is the mother of Welsh Comedian, Rhod Gilbert

Post subject AGS photo

Almost right, but the 31 refers to my old house number in Six Bells, although I was born in '32.
I was just about to reply to your query about the name Norma, but am glad I waited. Very interested to learn about the Rhod Gilbert connection. There were two girls of that name that I knew; Norma Meredith from Blaenau Gwent and Norma Handy, daughter of the
Mr Handy who taught at the Grammar school. Mr Handy was proudly bemused that when Norma won an Oxford scholarship she declined the offer. I don't know what happened to her. I wonder, as her father went to live in Tring, if that is where she lived?

Hill family

Wow! information circulates at light speed just for a while. I would like to add my contribution right of the memory box - a portrait of David Hill taken in 1953 at theTarrant Studio in Abertillery. Can anybody tell me in which repository I should upload it (img wants a url ), else I could mail a copy to a forum moderator.

Hill family 6 Gelli Crug Road

Percy Williams family of mine Marion, tried to teach me history, never knew we were related at the time.

Percy Williams

Until recent years I often visited family in Brynmawr but never realised P.W. was in a retirement home there. I was told he lived into his 90's. It would have been nice to have met him again. I enjoyed his lessons. He also taught us R.E.

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