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Dear all,
After several recommendations from our loyal customers we have started home delivery from Chillies Indian Restaurant.  We do have some special offers which are
Sunday Buffet
Children Eat Free on Tuesday
Wednesday Banquet Night.

Now all we need your support.

The Midlands  Laughing

  all the best  Wink

good about time Smile we had a takeaway last weekend from noble balti (sorry) but haven't been on here for a while so didn't know delivery had started, but now I do the next time we get a takeaway it'll defo be from chilli's. noble balti/house whatever it's called is always far to oily!

About time..... Very Happy

Is the menu the same as the one on your website?  If so expect an order from me soon...    Smile

Is the menu the same as the one on your website?  

yes, our web menu and take away menu both are same

The word needs to be spread further afield that there is an Indian Restaurant in Abertillery, Noman.

I have spoken to several people who live outside of Blaenau Gwent who weren't aware that the restaurant is there. People from Blackwood, Newbridge, Risca and Crosskeys for example.

[quote="Brithyll"]The word needs to be spread further afield

Hi brithyll!
pls give me idea how can advert to the surrounding towns. gwent gazzett is too expensive.

You could make a start with the websites & chat forums for the surrounding towns Noman.

eg fopr Brynmawr (obivously!).

Just google some of the nearby towns and I'm sure you will find there are several you can find.

get a load of flyers printed and distribute them to blackwood etc, as far as your prepared to deliver to, also try drumming up support on facebook. Also I don't know if anyone is like me but I never have cash on me, or if I do very little so having a takeaway normally means planning for it before hand so I can take money out, however the indian in crumlin i think it's crumlin balti are registered to a website called just eat so you can pay using your card on their website and they send the order to the restaurant and you deliver as normal, but get your money from them, I asume they take a % of the bill. Would be really good if you joined that or did an ordering service on your website, or I don't know if this is actually possible but to give your delivery driver a card reader thing to pay using card at the door. Oh and by the way crumlin balti are the worst indian I have ever had! good luck

thats the link to that website

Just-Eat is a good idea,  and every Indian i've had from crumlin Balti has been excellent... Much better than Noble Balti House... but i suppose it all depends what you have off the menu..

Anyway... To show my support i've just ordered a Delivered Take Away from Chillies.... Lets see if its as good as everyone says it is..  

I'll report back later... Very Happy

Well unfortunately it wasn't the best i've had.   The rice turned up stone cold, the curry didn't have much taste and the Keema naan had very little keema in it....  I'll be sticking with Noble Balti or Crumlin Balti in the future.  

Good luck with the business Noman.

It's hardly a problem if its cold is it? Havent you got a microwave oven? When we order take aways we always have to warm them up before we eat them.

Of course its a problem if its cold... would you eat a cold meal?  

Whats having a microwave got to do with it?  I ordered and paid for a meal and I expect it to be hot.  Every other take away I order seems to be able to manage it,  even when i've ordered from Crumlin Balti the food is still piping hot when it arrives and doesn't require warming up.  

and when i say cold... it was like it had just been taken out of the fridge and wasn't even the slightest bit warm.

[quote="jonesl129:13014"]Of course its a problem if its cold... would you eat a cold meal?  

Hello mr Jones,
I am realy sorry that, u had a bad meal from us which was cold. I was not on saturday night as I have another branch. I noticed ur comment last night. I spoke to my manager over the phone. I am trying to find out who was responsible. I guess it was the delivery man. u may understand the night was freezing and temprature was below -3*c.
pls give us a second chance. This time u pls put the order in different name b'cos my staff already knew that they got a complain from you. if u r not satisfied i will give ur money back. you can e-mail me on
I will be down there or tuesday night. will speak to u then.

Hello jaybe, So if I order a new car from Mr Ford, Mr Toyota ect , because I own a spanner I'm expected to assemble it myself ? I like Noman and I wish him Luck, he's had a Hell of a lot of Publicity from this Site, some good some bad.

What you have done is very advantageous for all customers. This will reduce hassle on their part. The restaurant's management has heart for all customers.

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