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john gibbs

Home Run

Had a run up to Aber on the weekend just to tend the family graves.
It'll probably be my last living visit there, though I've got my plot booked in the cem.
When I went to sea the trips home were always exciting seeing the mountains again getting ready to see the family and my mates again, this time, nothing. No memories came flooding back just saw the town as it is - carp. When I was younger it was the same but it was my carp.
So boyos, you're on your blurry own now.
I'll still be dropping in here though. I, too, cling to hopes.
Is that statue over the six pit rusty or painted that way?
john gibbs

I had forgotten that I'd posted about the statue before and that I'd been told it was steel - korten?
pent boy

home run

Hi John, just thought I would ask about your brother Phillip,is he ok, you did tell me a while ago that he was living abroad, Canada? I am in touch with Martin Davies who is also living there.
john gibbs

check your ems

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