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How Many Were Management?

A TOTAL of 1,220 jobs were lost among council workers in Gwent since the General Election, according to new figures.
The GMB union said between the first three months of 2010 to the last three months of 2011, the number of council jobs at the five Gwent council areas fell from 22,333 to 21,113.
The figures, which look at the number of full-time equivalent posts, show the largest fall in Gwent was seen in Newport, where there were 437 fewer jobs with the number employed dropping from 5,523 to 5,086.
The second was Blaenau Gwent, where there were 333 fewer full-time equivalent posts with the workforce shrinking from 3,536 to 3,203.
Torfaen was the third worst, dropping by 201 from 3,794 to 3,593. Monmouthshire lost 132 posts with numbers falling from 3,087 to 2,955, and Caerphilly’s workforce shrank by 117 posts, from 6,393 full-time equivalent jobs to 6,276.
However the largest fall in Wales came at the Vale of Glamorgan where 1,605 jobs were cut from a workforce of 5,204.
Overall in Wales the numbers employed by local authorities dropped from 118,223 to 113,248 – a loss of 4,976 posts.

Over to you Rocke to make it political

You already have, by placing it in this section.

Good answer  Cool

My guess is going to be.......................... none?

I'll see if I can get the (a?) breakdown for you.

You - well, we all - know off at least one, given the Press exposure it had !    Very Happy

I do know that an awful lot of employees put themselves forward for voluntary early retirement.
(I'm not bandying words, it's the proper title because the jobs don't disappear, so it's not redundancy).

Let's be honest, if you've worked 40-odd years or so, can't get any enhancement on your pension ( the rule allow a maximum of 40 years service to count ) then you'd be mad not to get it early.

I'll ask if there's a breakdown between office-based staff and non-office based, and Scale 6 office-based and above, since I assume that by managers you mean people in charge of people and in my experience about 2/3 of those above Scale 6 have supervision/management of staff as part of their role. (The rest are specialists, such as Legal, IT etc, who are paid for their skills).

Watch this space !

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