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How Not to Run an Election Campaign

The first thing is not to alienate the voters, and one of the easiest ways of doing that is to discriminate against them in some perceivable way.

You might think that a strange comment but..................

Campaign leaflets:

I always get one through my door, but strangely my in-laws 20 yards up the street sometimes don't, and my in-laws 20 feet across the road sometimes do.
Basically there's not enough to go around ( bin fodder and party faithful by the seems of it ) so they give you the impression of a mass drop.
The problem with that is what I encountered tonight.

A regular up the Mount said 'Rocke, when's the election?' "May", says I ( I can be brief at times, he didn't need to know why it was May etc. etc. ).
'I wondered, because our next door neighbour's had a leaflet with Graham Bartlett, that woman Tidey and the postman* on it but we haven't had anything. Should I check that I'm on the register?'.
"No - they only drop every so many houses and/or where they feel like it" and I explained about my experience. There's also been an instance where my mother has had one but her next door neighbour - who shares the same gate - hasn't.

I can't say exactly what my constituent replied but it was along the lines of 'well if they can't be bothered with me I can't be bothered with them'.

Almost exactly the same thing happened on Tuesday night as well. I got back to The Bridge after Pool and there was the Cwmtillery version of The Party's contribution to the recycling agenda stuck up on the wall.
'Rocke', says a regular, 'have you had one of those?' "No, they made sure I had the Abertillery version". 'Well I haven't had one at all'.
So I explained about the selection process.
A similar response to the one I mentioned then came forth.

If you give one person compost, you must give them all it.
Let that be a lesson.

* My quote is a true reflection on what the constituent said. However, I don't think it fair nor agreeable to simply leave it at that. The Labour candidates for Cwmtillery are Graham Bartlett, Christine Tidey and Tim Sharrem.

Hopefully when someone refers to the mouthy one who upsets everybody they'll reciprocate and say 'Dave Rocke'.   Smile

Number 2:

Do not let Eddie Legge anywhere near your campaign, even as 'a man in the street giving his views'.

He's Labour's unwitting Worm Hole.
He opens up and DR TeraLux appears to shine light and bestow truth, shattering the DarkArts with counter-arguments.

URL referring to the Light Side:

(It's G-R-E-A-T to be back........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ).

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