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Hypocrisy - or Enlightenment ?

A month or so late this, but I thought it fair to give the 'new' council a year to formulate its policies, undo the wrongs of the previous administration etc etc.

After all, the first year of an administration is to a large extent already decided by the actions of the previous one - budget-setting, work programme etc.


New work:

* Ebbw Vale is to have the 1.5 miles or so of track that could have taken Abertillery to Newport in order to take the Cardiff - EV line to where it should have gone originally, to EV and not Victoria.
All credit to Labour there then, it's gone back to its old ways of EV this, that and everything else.

* Roads being resurfaced.
All due credit there then - but how are the roads being determined?
Cwm Farm Road and Cwmtillery Ind Estate don't have bus routes and anywhere near the traffic that the circular route around Cwmtillery does.

* A filter lane by the Penndragon.
5 years after it being suggested by um... me but better late than never I suppose.

* The continuing regeneration of Abertillery - Trinity Chapel (Carpet Forum), Foundry Square.
Oops - that seems to have stopped.

Righting the wrongs:

* Fortnightly and wheelie-bin collections.
An awful lot spouted about this, especially by Cllr McCarthy.
We've still victims of these policies.
As leader of the council I'd have tbhought he could undo this at a stroke.

* Street Lighting being switched off, placing lives at risk etc. etc.
Well to be fair they have stopped them going off at 01:30.
It's now 00:30 (unless of course someone forgot to put the clocks forward).

* Low Council Tax rises.
Definitely reversed that one with a 4-percenter this time round.
More than double the increase in benefits.

* School closures.
In fairness they couldn't rebuild Nantyglo Comp.
But then did they need to embark on a programme of school closures that will see Blaentillery (of which the former Mayor and at least one Ward councillor are governors of) and Briery Hill close?
Labour has reversed 'our' policy there - what we kept open Labour are closing.

* Education.
If it teetered on the brink with us (managed to get away with Leighton Andrew's commandos instead of Carl Sarjent's stormtroopers) it's plummetted since.
Seven weeks to come up with a cunning plan in order to save Aber Comp.
A part-time head of education, him being shared with us by his substantive employer, Newport.

* An AM who lives in the Borough/Constituency.
Anyone know if Aberystwyth Al is resident here, or do his defeated opponents still have closer links with us?

And before I'm accused of bias:

* An opposition that is not just vociferous but incisive with it, to the extent that it is effective in controlling the excesses of the ruling group and in some small way shaping the policies that the people want.
Mmm, not heard much. I've deliberately not read much of the local papers, in order to see how much info. I got from 'ordinary' people ie. to see if the message is getting out there.
And it's not

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