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Is 'Eddie Legge' an Election Liability ?

The sane, 'ordinary' people among you will have realised that I've used the apostrophes to indicate the pseudonym 'Eddie Legge' and not the person of the same name.

And I hope that you also realise that my use of the word 'ordinary', as ever, means the decent everyday citizen of Blaenau Gwent, people who pay their Council Tax, people who have families, people who benefit from services this Council provides.

In short, people who walk the streets of this Borough, day in and day out.    

Before being banned for inappropriate behaviour and misuse of this forum 'Eddie Legge' must have posted an average of at least twice a day.

Now, after being brought back by massive Public Demand because this was not the vibrant website it was before' E L' was banned, we find that 'E L' has little or nothing to say.

Pray tell us 'Eddie', - have you been told to 'shut up' or is it just that Big Brother has not been feeding you ?

Where's the great follow-up to the Argus story on me ?
Don't tell us your 'Public Interest' is with another (Labour led) council and not with Blaenau Gwent ?

Tell us Eddie - what's it like to be a sheep?
What's it like to have your shepherd pull you with his crook and say 'you're the one we'll use as bait to trap big bad wolfie Rocke'?

Tell us 'Eddie Legge' - what's it like to be a decent socialist all your life, to live in one of the best places on Earth, where, when it comes down to it, we all rally to each others' cause, and to find that Lambrini Socialists use (and sully) your good name in the cause of The Party ?

Sorry, Barry won't let - or give - you an answer will he ?
And of course, no man is an island, so 'The Nap' is probably party to it as well.
(Is that the correct spelling of the S. Glam Hedland ?).
Phillip T. Small

Paranoia, Rocke, dear sir.......  Not a happy place to be....

Don't knock the Legge man, cos you were VERY quiet until he came back..... Makes you think... WHO is Legge/Rocke ???????


I was quiet after he came back as well, until the majority of pressing matters I had to sort were attended to.

I'm not paranoid, I'm just curious.
I don't think the public get misled anymore (if in fact they were ever totally taken in).

But that's never stopped overt propaganda attempts.

* The papers (letters page) are quite quiet
* This Forum's far quieter

The fact is there's in effect no opposition in Council anymore, with what was imposed upon (some of) us.
The Party can't do the Jeremiah doom and gloom stuff because it would shhot itself in the foot.

Maybe he doesn't want to be banned again so is being a little more careful as to what he says?

Just a thought.

Also you're short of a K in the S. Glam headland

SonOfACynic wrote:
Maybe he doesn't want to be banned again so is being a little more careful as to what he says?

Just a thought.

Also you're short of a K in the S. Glam headland

'Nap' as in he sends me to sleep.
Have you heard him speak in Council ?!!!

No 'Son', The Party think they have it sewn up because of the massive cock-ups the boliticians of 'the Independent Group' have done, so why say any more ?  

'Eddie' was quick enough to put the Argfuss article on me on here ( and quite right, I'm a representative of the people and you're entitled to be assured that your councillors are - and remain - beyond reproach ) but note that there's nothing else been said.
The reason is that it's a Labour-led council that's got itself into a ruck with me, and I think somebody, somewhere, has realised that the net effect will NOT be my defeat at elections this side of the mountain.

You've been told - more or less truthfully - the issues with Education in BG (although there are valid reasons which, to be frank, would only be political excuses).
You don't need to know anything about Education issues in other Councils, and Labour's making sure you don't have to be told.

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