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Is our War Memorial Sacred ?

A couple of years back the War Memorial was 'touched up' and I think it's fair to say everyone's happy with the work done.

I'm given to understand that Facebook is alive with rumours that major changes (not simply redecorating etc.) are being considered.

Anyone have any views on this?

Is our war memorial sacred.

Rocke, rumour has it that neither of the labour councillors you refer to represent the Abertillery ward and there's some very irate residents in town.

Not seen this Rocke/stoob? Any more details?

Hi Martyn.

If it wasn't for the fact that local representatives aren't astute enough I'd have said this was a classic 'let's test the water' leak/rumour to guage public opinion without actually committing to anything either way (like governments tend to do).

I haven't seen the Facebook thread or whatever but I gather it's all over it/Speakeasy or what have you. (Sorry to be vague).

It's something about a project being scrapped and the funding for it being switched into a project that will impact upon the War Memorial.

I'm loathe to set hares running, which is why I just wanted to give the public an outlet to have their say on the general idea of major changes to our tribute to the fallen of this town and surrounding areas.  

I'll chase this up (might take a while) and post what I find.

Might be a good thing to ask a Town Councillor/Town Council, since it's responsible for the upkeep.

Once I find out what the rumour actually is I'll perhaps put it to someone to see if anything's planned.

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