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Jack Farr, boxer

       I am a boxing historian working on a series of books under the title of 'Boxers of Wales', each covering a different region. Four have so far been published and I am currently researching the fifth, which will profile fighters from Monmouthshire.
       One of those I plan to include is Abertillery's Jack Farr, who was Welsh light-heavyweight champion from 1948 to 1949. I am interested in contacting any surviving family members to learn a bit more about Jack - also billed occasionally as Tommy, although that must have caused some confusion with the legendary Tommy Farr from the Rhondda. I have an (incomplete) record of his career, which I would be happy to share with anyone interested.
       Keeping my fingers crossed that someone reading this might be a relative or be able to put me in touch.
             Gareth Jones

Jack Farr, boxer

Know of relatives on another site, regular argument on his christian name.
His contests and the odd misdemeanour appeared in our local paper The South Wales Gazette.
Seen all the locals records on the Miles Templeton site.

Thank you, Stoob. What's the other site? Perhaps you could PM me with the details if you don't want to mention it here ...

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