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John Charles Webb

John Charles Webb was born in Abertillery in 1909, the third child of William James and Edith Webb of 45 Granville Street, Abertillery. At the age of fourteen he left school and became a pit boy at Gray's Colliery, Abertillery, and later worked at the Oakdale Colliery until 1939. Webb began his outstanding career as a scientist and mining expert by taking evening classes at Abertillery Technical School and the Monmouthshire Mining and Technical school, Crumlin. It was at the latter where he gained the College Gold Medal in 1938. He won a scholarship to Cardiff University in 1939 and in 1943 he took his B.Sc with first class honours in mining.
The next two years were taken up with research work under Professor T. David on coal dust. Webb's thesis on Coal Dust Suppression gained for him the degree of Master of Science. Later he became a Fellow of the Geological Society and a member of the Institute of Mining Engineers.
In 1946 he left for Australia and was appointed lecturer in charge of mining education for New South Wales. He later became the first Registrar of the New South Wales University of Technology in June 1946. He returned to Abertillery in 1951 after his mother Edith was taken ill. During this time he became Principal of the Brittania School of Mines, Pengam, until March 1952, when he returned to Australia.
On his return to Australia he became Junior Lecturer in Mining Engineering at the University of New South Wales. After a period of academic distinction in the University of New South Wales, Sydney, he became principal engineer to the Australian Atomic Energy Commission in October 1953. John Charles Webb became a member of a United Nations Technical Assistance Mission in 1959. He toured the far east visiting Korea, Formosa, the Phillipines, Japan and Vietnam in October 1959. Mr. Webb became a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency and joined the organisation in Vienna. This was as a result of his work connected with the mission and because the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency had asked him to join his staff.
During Webb's many years with International Atomic Energy Agency he held several important positions. In addition to this he was the Co-ordinator of  the I.A.E.A's preparations for the Third Conference on the peaceful uses of Atomic Energy in Geneva. In 1965 Webb became Director of the Agency's personnel division and special assistant to the Director General. When he became director he had responsibilities over a staff of over eight hundred in fifty-five nations.
His job with the I.A.E.A. led him to visit over eighty countries as member or leader of United Nations Technical Missions on the peaceful uses of Atomic Energy. In 1968 Webb retired from the I.A.E.A. and returned to his home in New South Wales. He still made frequent visits to the I.A.E.A.  to take part in various missions. John Charles Webb later moved to Como, Western Australia, where he died on 03 June 1987 aged 77.

John Charles Webb

1911 Census - 45 Granville Street, Abertillery.

William James Webb - 40
Edith Webb - 30
Albert George Webb - 15
Edna Webb - 4
John Charles Webb - 1

William James. Edith and Edna Webb are all buried at St. Pauls, Cwmtillery grave A67. Although Albert George is mentioned on the headstone he was probably buried elsewhere.

William James Webb - died 05 February 1958
Edith Webb - died 22 May 1951
Albert George Webb - died 21 February 1975
Edna Webb - died 03 June 1987

John Charles Webb

Further articles and photographs on the acclaimed John Charles Webb appeared in the South Wales Gazette on the following dates.

07 June 1946
02 October 1959
21 October 1959
15 September 1961
09 March 1962
25 October 1963

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