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So it's official then. In his keynote conference speech, Ed Milliband told us that his vision for the nation's future is that of a Tory PM (Disraeli). Also he made it clear that anyone who thought the return of a Labour government would mean the reversal of Tory cuts can think again.

As I've been saying for many years, if you closed your eyes and listened to Labour and Tory representatives and policies, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Those Labour heroes of yonder-years must be turning in their graves  Crying or Very sad

No reply from Ed?


Eddie legge

for the benifit of a sarcastic Cynic

Son of a Cynic  I posted reply yesterday but in the wrong section
Martyn 142 Even though you have decided not to reply to my postings takes note of the following  
On your childish Benjamin Disraeli posting it was interesting to have read, In his speech Ed Millband made an audacious raid deep into Conservative heritage one that David Cameron has foolishly vacated    
To say you reply to Forum postings on your phone, I must say how stupid of me to suggest otherwise  
Eddie Legge

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