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Labour's Failed Education

Direct quote from 'the Keith and Dickie Leaflet' currently doing its bit for recycling:

"Labour's decisive action

We have taken this decisive action because of the problems which have beset the Council in the past months, particularly since the publication of the Estyn report into education and the subsequent assessment of the Authority's corporate governance arrangements which was published in November.
As a direct consequence the Council has had to produce plans to address weaknesses in it's education and governance areas....."

Seems to me that as far as the Labour mob is concerned ITS education needs a bit of support.

I also note that the leaflet is "Promoted by Barry Sutton on behalf of Blaenau Gwent Labour, all at 23, Beaufort St, Brynmawr....."

Must be pretty crowded there, but then, perhaps not.

Oh - and it was "Printed by Steve Thomas, 26 Pembroke St, Tredegar...."
At least that keeps the local economy going.
Well, the Deputy Leader of the Labour Group's revenue anyway.

Old Labour - new jobs for the boys.

Just to add, the same mistake has been made in the 'Graham, Tim and Chris' blurb that's been put in selected* letter boxes in Cwmtillery Ward.

Wonderful isn't it?
The same drivel for all candidates.

My, my, this IS going to be a fun election !!
* You might ask why I say "selected".
See the other thread 'How not to run an election campaign'

And just to show how fair-minded I am, here's another one.

An Independent manifesto:

'Problems with Abertillery: Roads, fly-tipping, dog fowling'

The mind boggles.

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