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Eddie legge

Let us never forget the Thatcher years

To the voting public on May 7th A reminder for those of us who lived and suffered under the Tories Margaret Thatcher,  Her words when swept into power in 1979
Briton she said would be pulled up “by its bootstraps” Socialism would be crushed,
The unions would learn to know their place, There would be no more scrounging unemployed, Get a job or get out of the way, The old industrial base would be stripped back, Briton would be a place for entrepreneurs and home owners, There would be no such thing as society, only the individual, Private enterprise would take the place of public investment, After a series of skirmishes with small unions  the Thatcher Government  enacted its plan for all - out confrontation with “ The Enemy Within”-The National Union of Mineworkers, Thatcher’s industry minister  Norman Tebbit said the miners had to be defeated at all cost, The entire apparatus of the state was used to grind the strikers and their families down
To the voting public be reminded David Cameron is a Thatcherite taught politician He has used the Global financial crises in order to continue with the Iron Ladies dream of destroying our welfare state he will again if elected on May 7th continue with the Iron Ladies sin full wicked polices

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