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Lights & Rubbish

Why are the street lights on during the day, then many flickering or not on at night? Many people put out rubbish for collection on strike day, will the General waste be left on the streets for two weeks and recycle for one week?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating but I suspect that it will be left out.

I certainly wouldn't lug my rubbish through the house, then back again, then a double load out two weeks later, having previously done that with the recycleable stuff.

Interesting though - presumably the wagons can cope with twice the normal load next week and the week after?

Saw a flickering light tonight, corner of Cross St.
I suggest that these are dangerous and could set off an epileptic fit for those unfortunate enough to suffer from that condition.

But don't worry.
It can't be long before beams of light stream from the stainless steel fags on the Foundry Bridge, as someone called them.
Ian Jones

Rocke if you want to get the full effect of the lights going on and off  come up onto slaughter house road after dark.
The Mrs and i were watching the lights over by the Avenue's, Cock and Chick and on up to top rows make a great light show, i reckon the Council could sell tickets for it no problem.

I was told that people reporting the problems (both the flickering and being on during the day) are being told 'there's a big problem and it's being looked into'.

I wonder if Victor or Ty Bryn Road is affected?  Wink

General waste will be left out for two weeks, surely this can not be allowed, if nothing else waste is going to be scattered about and the refuge collectors only take undamaged bags. What a mess!

The Council has a responsibility for Public Health.

Refuse that poses a threat to Public Health has to be cleared away.

I've already advised some that they should watch refuse uncollected because of the strike carefully, and if rats etc. are seen then to report the fact, and if the rubbish is not collected within 48 hours to complain that the council is in breach of its statutory duty.

Whilst it can go the way of only picking up rubbish say every month it cannot abrogate its responsibility to protect public health, hence if bags are attracting vermin then the problem has to be cleared.

And if a councillor tells you otherwise, then tell them to do the job they are paid for and give council officers political direction ie. tell them that rubbish clearance is a priority.

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